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72 chevy elcamino 08-18-2005 05:45 PM

motorcycle oil in my motor?
this sounds nuts but ive heard this recently. this guy my brother knows has put motor cycle oil ( yamalube) in his 350. he says it works great and is good for older motors. ive heard alot of tricks in my day but never this! lol i guess it would work but how would it be better or worse! im unsure of motorcycle oil weight or compatability with a water cooled motor. i have heard people using motorcycle oil in air compressers due to them being air cooled as well. whats youre thought on this yamalube tune up lol? :confused:

matt167 08-18-2005 06:07 PM

I'm not shure of it's weight, if it is equivilant to 5w30 or 10w30 than I guess it wouldn't hurt anything but, I think it wouldn't do a thing. Seems like motorcycle oil is thinner. bottom line, don't use it.

72 chevy elcamino 08-18-2005 06:16 PM

lol trust me im not going to use it im curious if anyone has done this or heard of it.

poncho62 08-18-2005 06:56 PM

It may not hurt anything, but it's not going to help cure anything either.....what was the claimed improvement with this oil?

72 chevy elcamino 08-18-2005 07:05 PM

he said the car had alot of miles on it and had a small tap to it like a rod or something and it doesnt tap with the yamahalube. he says the oil doesnt break down as quick as conventional oil so it cushions the motor like the that lucas oil additive. is motorcycle oil thicker than regular oil? and do motorcycles run hotter than cars? im just asking, again im not going to put this in my car lol! :thumbup: just curious about stupid things people do but who knows maybe theres something more here? you tell me

72 chevy elcamino 08-18-2005 07:06 PM

Poncho i dont think it will cure anything either lol :thumbup:

Henry Highrise 08-18-2005 07:12 PM

The YamaLube that I use in my 4 stroke outboard motor is a full synthetic 10W30. I don't know about the YamaLube motorcycle oil though.

xntrik 08-18-2005 11:30 PM

motorcycle oil in car sells the 1 quart cans of Liquid Overhaul for only $ 29.95 plus shipping...

Rick WI 08-19-2005 10:07 AM

Most all motorcycles share the same oil for the engine as well as the gearbox and clutch. The additive package is stiffened to increase the shear strength to hold vescosity better. That's the main difference with MC oil.

It is not thinner.

JPhil 08-19-2005 05:59 PM

Specifically labeled M/C oil is probably designed for air cooled engines which are subject to fast changing extremes in temperatures and tolerances. We used to use Aeroshell in our old Harleys--regular auto oil seeped out all over and burned up quick. (Newer bikes with better technolgy don't suffer this problem as much any more.)
By the way--hello, my first post here. I wanted to respond to this, so I finally joined up.

Rick WI 08-19-2005 11:45 PM

Welcome to the board JPhil. In the past air cooled was the norm. Now we bomb around on 160 WHP liquid cooled fuel injected monsters. Harleys are different for sure, with the exception of the V Rod. Two issues 90% of the motorcycle formulations have to deal with, other than basic lubrication. The shear forces of the gearbox and the wet, multi-plate clutches. These add packages differ on MC specific oils versus conventional motor oil.

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