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Originally posted by 4 Jaw Chuck
I bought this one also and was not impressed, the floating in air with camera pan thing is getting real old and the story is full of holes, for example.

Why carry guns if none of the Matrix agents can be killed with one? If Keano is the "chosen one" then why is he a peon in the movie?

Makes no sense, I won't be buying the next one.

Actually you can kill an agent with a gun. First time was in the first movie when they shot the agent point blank in the head while stealing the hellicopter. They can't escape a point blank hit. It is just about the only thing that will kill an agent. I don't know if I would call his character a peon. The same way many chose not to believe Jesus was the son of God the directors chose to have many people not believe Neo was the 'chosen one'. Neo has extra-ordinary powers but is at a constant struggle over how he is supposed to use them and is even himself unsure if he is 'the one'. The bottm line is you give me any sci-fi movie and I'll pick it apart, it's not real!
So here is my review... After seeing both Matrix and Matrix Reloaded I find I liked different things from each movie. I thought some of the hand to hand combat scenes were drawn out, I missed the lightning hand speed they used in the first movie anytime Neo was fighting agent Smith. However I really liked some of the additional effects like the albino twins, the wildest highway chase going the wrong way on a crotchrocket dodging cars, and nothing was cooler than when Neo clocked one of the Smiths with that pipe and sent him airborn into the third floor of the building. I also thought that they threw a nice twist in the end by revealing that while everyone assumed that what was going on with Neo, Morpheus, and the others was unique that it in fact was not and Zion had been created and destroyed six times already with six other Neos before him that were all just part of this bigger scheme of things by the machines. Personally, I enjoyed it. I like Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and definately Carrie-Anne Moss. Could there have been some improvements? Yes, but I still had a great time watching it and will be looking forward to the third part of the series next month. TO EACH HIS OWN I GUESS! It's like prefering Chevy or Ford. On a tv almost the size of my wall and a few hundred watts of surround sound I dug it.

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