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I passed through again, what happened to the project. There are several vehicles that have drive shafts on the passenger side. I also noted you mentioned using solid shaft instead of tubing. Bad idea. Something else first though, Universal joints usually are prelloaded, I think up to about 4 degrees. Check the engineering specs of the joint manufacturer. The hard part. PSSSS! Do you really want me to explain the tube driveshaft. Lets consider a flat piece of metal - a leaf spring-just1 the two ends are on something. Push down in the middle of the spring. You are trying to stretch the bottom of the spring and compressing the top of the spring. Most of the middle is doing nothing. Its the surfaces. Thats why you have more than one piece in a leaf spring. The drive shafts are the same way. I can't believe I missed that. Like the man said universal joints can only be bent so far. I don't remember what you were doing I sorry its late, but this is a bad idea particuarly if you are going to add high impulse torque. Like 300 hp,6000 rpm, and pop the clutch. stand back. You would have to do the numbers, but at some point, things really would start to break. Let us know. good luck mark
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