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69sixto8 08-16-2007 08:41 PM

Mustang 202/6 with 3 speed to 302 V8
Do I have to replace my stock 3 speed manual trans if I want to convert the 202/6 to a 302 V8?

I won't be driving hard and the 302 will be mild, so all I'm worried about is can I use the same trans with the 302?

If I can, what do I need to do it? What models and/or years 302? Flywheels? Bellhousings?

matt167 08-16-2007 09:07 PM

well the 200 engine has a diffrent bellhousing than the 302, you need the bellhousing from a 289 or 302 car. I would not worry about the trans, the 4 lug 7 1/4" rear end is what I would be afraid of, there weak for a stout 6, let alone an 8. pesonally I'd keep the 6, you can make it as potent as a mild 302. theres a new alloy head out, and plenty of parts for them, not to mention you won't have to update the suspension or install all 5 lug parts, or the V8 steering box ( most people ignore this weak link, the 6cyl version is lighter duty ), you might have to install a 8" rear if you plan on running it real hard. I'm stuck on the 6cyl's myself. I have a turbocharged '67 200 that I built myself, it's all custom ( 2.3 Ford 4cyl pistions, custom cam, diffrent year head, dual roller timing chain from australlia, roller rockers from australlia, Ford 302 intake valve springs for intake and exhaust, 302 2 peice valve spring retainers with stock 200 centers, Turbo's from a Buick 3.8 ) and I have around $3,500 in the motor, it's in a '67 Falcon 4dr. oh yeah, a 202, is a .030 over 200, actully a 202.3.

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