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mechdad1 06-17-2012 09:21 AM

Mustang II in 63 Rambler?
Hi to all I am sure this question topic has been beaten to death but I am looking at putting a mustang II front end in my 63 Rambler. Here is a cross member I found on ebay . I emailed them and they said I should only have to notch a little out of my fram rails to fit it in there. Any one have experience or opinions on this conversion. Have a few pictures posted under introduction forum


timothale 06-17-2012 11:10 AM

welder series .com
Welder series in canada makes weld it yourself hotrod parts and weld it yourself mustang II kits. even if you don't buy from them check out their web site, U tubes, instructions for their kits but applies to any front suspension installations.

farna 08-13-2012 05:49 AM

The real question is WHY?? The 63+ Rambler suspension is basically the same as the Mustang II. It does have upper trunnion joints instead of ball joints (lower arm has a ball joint), but that isn't a problem. The upper trunnion rarely gives problems and it's easy to replace if it does. There are easily affordable disc brake options. Scarebird (Scarebird Classic Brakes LLC) makes one that will run about $400 with everything. The thing to remember is that ANY AMC kit will fit Ramblers back to 1950, all Nash/AMC back to 1952. There might be some minor mods, like a little grinding or spacing for clearance, but most need nothing. Aerospace Components makes a really nice four piston brake setup if you want to go show. Again, it's listed for AMX and Javelin, but I can guarantee you it fits the older Ramblers like yours. On the big Ramblers the spring towers don't get in the way of a V-8 installation (nor the 64+ smaller American, just 63 and earlier). They were made to mount the AMC GEN-1 V-8, which is close to the same size of a 396 Chevy or FE Ford. A big block will fit, though it will be a little tight. A small block has all kinds of room -- the AMC GEN-1 is sort of between the two in external size. The 64+ American won't take a big block, but will take any small block.

timothale 08-13-2012 08:50 PM

AMC bolt on's
I saw a conversion in a magazine using AMC Disc brake bolt on spindles on modofied 40's ford spindles. I did it but wish I hadn"t ruined a set of ford spindles . The disc brake spindles might fit your drum brake uprights.

farna 08-14-2012 07:30 AM

All AMC spindles interchange. If you have an AMC car with disc brakes the entire setup will bolt off and bolt onto a drum brake upright. Just get everything from the caliper bracket out, including the spindle. Disc and drum brake spindles have different thickness bases, that's why the spindle is needed. In general dis spindles are thicker due to the different offset of the rotor/hub. You could space the drum spindle out if necessary, but most get the disc spindle.

The problem is parts availability. 79-83 AMC units are the ONLY ones I'd consider using. Some chain parts stores still have a source for the 79-83 rotors (calipers are easy to get for all), some don't. Last one I bought from Auto Zone for $55 two years ago -- Advance couldn't get one (AZ might not be able to now!). You have to go to an AMC parts vendor (yes, there are 3-4 out there!) to get the older rotors, maybe some antique brake parts vendors, and they are $100+ each. The Scarebird setup for $400 or less with current production parts is a lot better in the long run. If you need new rotors for a pre 79 AMC setup you've easily spent over half the cost of the Scarebird system. If you have a parts car with turnable rotors it might be worth using them, until you need rotors a few years down the road. Even the 79-83 should top $100 each in the next 3-5 years. The late model Scarebird parts will be available a lot longer, and right now they are using a $20 rotor. Buy a couple extra sets and store them!!

The AMC spindle on the 40 Ford upright with a Scarebird kit would be a reasonably priced disc brake upgrade. The only modification would be to the upright to the AMC spindle bolt pattern. Most AMC spindles are the same on the end, just different thickness to the base -- which can be spaced out or milled down. The exception is 75-78 models. Those used a big bearing spindle -- you want ANY 1952-83 Nash/Rambler/AMC drum or disc spindle EXCEPT 75-78. A Mustang II rotor will even fit the AMC spindle, but you'd have to make a caliper bracket to align the caliper over the rotor as the MII rotor has a different offset than the AMC rotor.

Speedway makes a 37-40 Ford disc brake kit that requires no modifications though -- and it's reasonably priced at $250. No point in spending that much on an AMC spindle conversion!,4575.html

timothale 08-14-2012 01:35 PM

$ 25 parts
One of the pick your part yards had a $ 25 all you can carry saturday
I filled a plastic tub with all the AMC parts plus extra odds and ends, used a seat belt strap around my shoulders . I did the conversion with 48 and earlier spindles, I saw amc brakes on a 30's I beam GM car, the guy cut off the spindle stub and ground the face flat.

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