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what overseas are you referring to trees?? Japan, Europe.??????????!!??? i really have to muster every last ounce of self controll not to comment on that one...

Anyway about them bolts; To tell you the truth grade five bolts are made of about the same grade of steel that nails, and boat anchors are made from. i really doubt they are heat treated at all. It sounds like fatman has one heck of a sales crew and know just what to say, but 5 faliures in 40000 units is a VERY high number, that means that you have a 1:8000 cance of a catastrophic suspension faliure (if that was the standard new cars were made to 20.000 new cars would have a front suspension faliure every year in the united states alone!!) Id rather take my chances in a pinto getting rear-enden by a ford SUV running firestone tires :-)

so fat man might have the quality controll he did a song and dance about, Just remember that quality controll doesnt ensure good quality, only that every unit is equally flawed....

and whats that B.S. about haveing fasternes made to their exact specs.. youd be better off buying plated grade 8 bolts in fleet farm.

anyway good to hear that no one got hurt and that the problem is getting resolved
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