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Originally Posted by Phat
I really dont want to do this in public but garys stuff is pretty bad. You dont cut the bottom tube for the lower aframe in 2 than drill a small hole for the lower bolt.Now tack weld a spacer were a stock stang II a-frame goes. Strut rods bind plain and simply. Centerline i have had this problem with you all along(when you started being a moderator for something that you have done twice that bothered me) i have done 50+(maybe more) stang II of all kinds some TCI stuff many clips and tons of race stuff that wins at much tougher extreams than a 100 ,000 mile streetrod.(no i dont want your job LOL)
I also suggest you take a welding coarse as your work is why anything would fail. You plain and simply dont know what your talking about in this subject and that is a shame, but its your deal so goodbye.
Please before you delete this show use how you welded yours into your truck......if i was MVD you would never drive that thing.
Strut rods were never any good nor should they ever be under anything. 4inch of travel they bind plain and simple.
I dont think you can call this flaming as you ripped me a new one for not using SPEEL CHECK and i wont use ti. LOL Take the challange post your welding on your truck!!! Later buddy
The entire build of my truck is available for view by anyone who cares to visit my web site. If the fact that I don't grind my welds when they're in an area that's not going to be seen bothers you that much, all I can say is that's just to damn bad, get over it.

When someone visits my site they can easily see that anyone who wants to can build a street rod from the ground up in their home garage, and they don't need expensive equipment like TIG welders to do it. A simple flux core wire welder is all that is required. One other thing, any idiot knows that flux core wire welds aren't pretty to begin and the only way to make them look good is to grind them. I'm terribly sorry that my welding isn't up to your standards, but I seriously doubt anyone's welding is as good as yours, at least in your mind anyway.

When it comes to strut rods, I most humbly apologize for my opinion on the subject, I didn't realize that you know so much more than all the engineers at Ford who designed the Mustang II suspension. It must be really tough being omnipotent. (If you don't know what that word means maybe you should look it up, providing you can spell a word that has more than four letters in it.)

It also seems very interesting to me that you, with apparently hundreds of years experience installing Mustang II IFS systems, seem to have problems with Heidts kits and someone like me, who has no business even breathing the same air as someone as great as you, seems to have no problems with the installation of these kits at all. Kind of makes you wonder about that, doesn't it.

One last thing, if you want my job as moderator you are more than welcome to it. However, I must warn you that it comes with the burden of putting up with any number of smart a$$es who think they are better than other people. Unfortunately most people of that caliber have problems expressing themselves and can't deal with someone who has an opposing opinion. When a disagreement does arise it generally degenerates very quickly to a personal attack. This usually happens because these individuals have no weapons in their limited vocabularies to adequately respond when challenged, therefore the easiest route is to attempt to degrade the other person. But you already know all this, don't you. Being God's gift to the automotive hobbyist must be a pretty tough job.

Acting as a moderator is a thankless job and we are all volunteers. It doesn't mean we know more than everyone else, we just do our best to assist Jon in keeping the site working properly and occasionally we have to weed out undesirables. So as far as I'm concerned step up to the plate, or do everyone a favor and crawl back in the hole you came out of.

By the way, consider this a warning.... I know you have downloaded pictures from my site in the past and have posted them on other forums. I must warn you that everything on my web site is copyrighted and I will not hesitate to contact the forum administrators and have the pictures deleted from other sites if you do this in the future. Copyright infringement is a crime by the way. But you knew that.... you know everything.

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