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My 2nd Close Call - 3rd Time's HOPEFULLY Not A "Charm"

I have my Learner's Permit and I've been driving for about 3-4 months.Right after I first started driving my Ranger,I took a curve just a little too hard and the truck started fishtailing.I applied the brakes and just kinda went with the swerve.Luckily,she straightened out and everything was good.I think that I was just a little too c0cky on that one,thinking that nothing would happen.But,it did.

Anyway,my 2nd close call happened 1 week ago,last Sunday night.My girlfriend had been at my place all day and we were getting ready to take her home.I had just charged up my battery and I put it on my truck and started it to make sure that it would.Even though it's a Ford,it did start .Anyway,I let it warm up since it was so cold.Then,we took off to take her home.My Ranger is a single cab,so we were kinda crammed in there.It was me driving,my mother in the middle,and my girlfriend on the passenger's side.The reason for that is because my mother's like 5'6" and my girlfriend's like 6'1" and I didn't want her long legs in the way,especically while I'm trying to shift gears.We took the country route to my woman's place and a deer jumped out in front of us.I slammed on the brakes and skidded for about 10 feet or so.Luckily I have rear ABS and we didn't go to swerving.The front wheels locked down though.Anyway,I tapped the deer,but it didn't hurt the truck one bit.There's just a little deer hair on the bumper.

I'm still driving my Ranger,hoping that I don't have a 3rd close call that'll be my last.As a matter of fact,I don't want anymore close calls at all.But none the less,***** happens and it's unavoidable.We can just be as prepared as we can for when it does happen.

I want to hear some of ya'll's close calls.If you have any good stories from your first driving days or whatever..Let's hear 'em!!

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