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HHHmmmmm. Where do I start? Well, my fist accident was in my mom's car. I was picking her up from work, and on the way home some old guy ran a stop sign. I lightly T-boned him, wasn't but $1200 in damage, and he paid. You old guys gotta watch those stop signs!! Second was in my Ranger. Took a U-turn wide. As I was getting into the right lane, a Jeep went behind me. I was trying to get into the left lane, as I went for the left lane the Jeep was right there! I planted the front drivers side fender into his passenger doors. Best part was, it was his girlfriends car, she was in the pass. seat, she didn't have insurance. nor did he. Officer ran his license, came back that he had a warrent for his arrest in Fla, he got arrested, she got ticketed. I got a ticket for not yielding to a yellow light. Third was in my Ranger again. Was coming home from the Homer Regional Airport at 2:30 A.M. The road to/from the airport is all S-turns. I was being stupid and speeding. I was doing about 40-45MPH. I was doing it all right too, hitting the apex, accelerating out the turns, perfect shifting too. I came up on the last turn when my passenger (later to also be my flight instructor) said he saw headlights heading our way. As I went to get back onto the right side of the road I hit a huge patch of wet tar (it was also just begining to rain). The truck lost traction and acted as if it were on skates. I went straight off the road, down a small hill, and right into a tree!!! . I centered up on it to, the oval was actually stuck to the tree!!! We pulled it out with my friends 4Runner, pulled the bumper off the tire with a chain and the 4Runner, and I drove it back to the airport where I left it for the night. I went back the next morning and stripped all the busted parts off and threw them in the back. I drove it busted for 2 months, when I "sold" it to the insurance company and got my 2001 Malibu. So far I have only had one fender bender with the Malibu. Nothing serious, just rear ended a F-150 on the interstate. Actually, I just clipped my right fender on the corner of his bumper. Had to put a new fender, headlight bracket and right hand side mirror on. I was quoted by a repair shop at $1306 for them to fix it. I fixed it myself for $400, including paint.

Man, going through all that, I need to learn to drive!!!!

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