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Originally posted by Nos
had a snow storm.. switched lanes.. a car in front of me was changina a flat from hitting the curb.. i saw them not moving.. thats when i hit the breaks.. and then they decide to lock up.. slode at an angle hit the curb at like 10 mph at an angle.. this was in my dads ford f-250 ... i guess its better to hit a curb then a car.. the only damage to the truck was just an off alignment.. and 60 bux later.. its fixed..

i have a ?.. anyone ever hit a parked car?.. or do a hit n run.. i know its not right to hit n run.. but if u have the chance to run.. would ya?

the week that i got my license, i went up to the store to get something and when i was backing out, i turned the wheels all the way to the left before starting to back out. so i'm backing out and i notice the front of the car seems to be moving upwards (i'm looking backwards), so i look forward and i had just given this old POS Volvo a new body line going from the door to the rear fender.
i freak out, and drive like a bat out of hell out of there. long story short, i got caught, talked my way out of it and the guy didn't even make me pay for it, but it did go on my insurance record.

in other news
i had a bad experience almost wreaking my motorcycle.
i was cruising down the street doing 65 in a 35 , and i approach a "just turned green light". i decide to go right though because the right lane was open. right as i get to the intersection, this stupid ***** on a cell phone pulls right out in front of me. so i clamp on to those brakes, locking up both wheels and the rear end starts to come around, so i let off, and then i start getting front wheel wobble. right as i thought that i was dead i finally came to a stop.
the worst thing about the whole ordeal was the wheel wobble. it doesn't matter what you do, until you get under a certain speed, you better hold on or jump off because you can't stop it.
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