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well the basics of ignition timeing the way i see it is there is three types of ignition timeing (i'm only familair with points type ignition tho),1st is initial timeing thats the one you set with timeing light ..lets say 10* advance at idle with vacuum hose from dizy disconnected. 2nd is machanical advance and that is likely to be a set of machanical weights under your points plate or rotor inside the dizy, and as the engine spins them faster the centrifical forces make them open out which advances the points plate or rotor, lets say about another 26* at around 2800 engine rpm. 3rd type is vacuum advance which is normally connected from dizy to manifold vacuum and its the vaccum that pulls on the points plate to advance it,lets say the vaccum advances it another 4*. lets add this all up and we get 10*+26*+4*=40* of total advance but since there is bugger all vacuum when you stamp on the gas you can forget the 4* and make it 36* total.this is why its important to disconnect the vacuum hose when you do your initial 10* timeing because there is alot of vacuum at idle and that gives ya a false reading .some ppl have there vacuum advance connected to ported vacuum on the carb so it is pulling a vacuum when the gas is on and probably have less machanical advance to compensate.....confused ? too maybe someone else can explain it a bit better . this setup works really good for my 350 tho.

of course this has nothing to do with cam timeing which is a diferent fish altogether ...
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