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bullheimer 05-27-2004 06:04 PM

my dad came back from the dead today.
well, it's still peein down rain out there. so i cant work on my camaro which is in the driveway. so i thought i'd say a quick word on me getting a phone call to call my dads gal friend in reno asap. she says they found a note on my dads office door saying "I'm Dead. my clothes are in room 316" so noone knows where he lives, he has no phone, i call his office and the cops are there and ask me stuff i cant answer. say they'll call me back. couple hours go by. i figured he's dead cause he's always talkin about it. thenl ask a coworker when his dad died. he tells me his dad lit a gas stove and it exploded. in the fire, which he put out, he was burned so bad he washed his hands and left all of his fingertips in the sink. then he put a rifle to himself, shot twice, but missed his heart and bled to death.
an hour later i get a call from reno from my dads girlfriend and my dad is there alive and well, well? anyway. made my day go back to being better.

hasnt stopped raining all day. going to the store to buy one more grade 8 bolt (they're purdy) and another tarp to keep all the rain out. eh, another day in the life. a friends goat hadda baby yesterday when i was there. cute little kid. hope there's beer at home. my mother with alzheimers is there. maybe i should buy some whiskey.

lluciano77 05-27-2004 06:06 PM

That was very uplifting Bullheimer. Thank you.

Dutchman 05-27-2004 06:19 PM


Dang, sounds like you have the bucket full.

Did you ever find any day care places for your mom? Families need a break from that disease once and a while.

Hope the black clouds over your head disappear and the sun shines on you once and a while.


chev64lwbstpsd 05-27-2004 06:28 PM

:confused: :confused:

i got lost with the kid on fire next to the goat peein down rain

poncho62 05-27-2004 06:43 PM


Originally posted by Dutchman

Dang, sounds like you have the bucket full.


Yeah, a bucket full of "Shatner"

40fordtruck_son 05-27-2004 10:03 PM

hey man, ifeel youre pain, im goin; through a time of drags my self, but nothin' that bad. sorry man :(

FASTCHEVY 05-27-2004 10:18 PM

I don't think I really got all that. So your dad wants to kill himself? why?:confused:

bullheimer 05-28-2004 08:57 AM

thanks, you guys made my friday morning fun. i like all of your replies. goat peein down rain, :D it actuall does get sunny here. we've had a very sunny spring so far. almost every week end too, instead of being sunny on monday morning.

i read that web site on "shatner" too, that was amazing how a guys who gets alittle pee-oh'd at someone can make a website ten times better than somebody who gets paid to do it for a living. can you imagine what that guy could do if he REALLY got mad at someone??:pain:

my dad has bad siatic nerve problems and is always in pain now. last night i found out from his girlfriend that he ran a couple of red lights every time they went out driving! jeeze, this is like what i just went thru with my mom in feb!!! could i possibly end up with BOTH of them with me??? aaaahhh! at least i go to work everyday here, my poor wife is the one who has to put up with my mother. the cops say my dad shouldn't live alone now.

as far as my bucket goes, CHECK THIS OUT. my wife and i drove to lowes wed. nite in the '91 grand am, ran great. yesterday my wife gets in the car and it wont start! no spark!. i just changed the power module @$200 13 months ago and it's already SHOT.:evil: kept the box and receipt from napa, no warranty on electrical parts and it says it was assembled in HONK KONG! i cant tell you, other than pre-72 models, HOW MUCH I HATE PONTIAC AND GM
in the meantime, at least i'm not on fire:thumbup: (even with 6 replies, this post was still at the bottom of the page ready to go to page two, man there are getting to be alot of posts on this site. almost have to use the search mode to find them!!:rolleyes:

ps. i had the trans in a front wheel drive lincoln continental with low miles let go on me at the CA/OR border 1998 with an 89 car. same drive train as a taurus, so I hate newer fords as well:mad: after the greyhound bus unexpectedly bypassed the town i was in, i had to hitchhike all the way to reno and missed my brother's funeral. at least i got a ride from a trucker and didnt have to spend the night on the side of the road. paid a ford dealer $2500 for a new tranny and my ex girlfriend totalled it 6 mo later.

Beenaway2long 05-28-2004 11:11 AM

Schleprock, I mean Sam, No matter how bad my day gets, you always outdo me. For your sake, I would take a lousier day, just to give you a break. To top yours though, I probably wouldn't be breathing! Keep away from sharp objects this weekend,dude!


Sandflea427SS 05-28-2004 12:10 PM

Keep your spirits on the up and up...
We always have an ear for you here at!!!!

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