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This my friends, is a "show car".

We have all heard the term "show car". I have heard it used many times on cars that in my humble opinion were far from "show cars" to me. They were "nice" cars, they may have been put in shows, but they were most certainly not "show cars".

In my opinion a real show car can be shown disassembled. Yep, you could pull the interior out of the car and who it and it will still look good. You can just tell looking at it, even where you can't see looks as good as where you can, you just get that feeling looking at it. It is so finely detailed that you just know if you removed a panel or part it would be just as beautiful behind the part, you know what I mean?

The other "show car" is the cartoon car that is never driven and probably can't be, I know those are real "show cars" too, but I don't count them. Those cars are usually not very well detailed at all, they are more like a movie prop.

No, the real show car to me is a work of art, you can study the "Little dancer, aged 14 years" by Degas. It is so beautiful you can't take your eyes off it. You look and look for a flaw, something to tell you it isn't alive. But you never find it, you just walk away with the impression to stay with you forever.

This Ford F100 is just that car, it is a work of art. I was on the way out of the show and went thru the building it was in. I could care less about these trucks. If one was on fire I wouldn't put it out, saving the extinguisher for something more important. But this truck, this truck stopped me in my tracks and I wasn't even looking at it! All it took was one glance at the tail gate and bed as I walked by. I ended up staring at it for a half hour or so and talking to others who were looking at it. What was cool was one pair of guys knew these trucks well started pointing out the modifications on the truck that went right over my head. Of course it was so nice, the work was so tasteful that even the guys who knew them well didn't see them until after looking for quite some time. There were LOTS of modifications, most very subtle, very tasteful. It rounded out the whole truck.

What I like most about "detail" the art of just "fine tuning" is that it is FREE. Most anyone can do it. You don't need to be a metal master, or a painting master. You don't have to be fast, you don't have to be experienced, you simply need patience. That is all it takes, passion to get the fit better, the edges sharper, the welds ground smooth. All it takes is to prime and block, and surface until it is perfect. Most anyone of us can do this, sure some of it takes some learning, but it is mostly about patience.

The wild part is most bodymen and painters don't possess the patience and passion to do it! I have seen home hobbyists do better detail, more perfect jobs than most pros! They get the job done fast, they are way more efficient at it, but they lack the patience and passion.

This room was full of zillion dollar streetrods. It had many pro-built cars, BIG dollar cars, popular body styles and years, and this friggin 68 Ford pickup knocked me off my feet. You could jump on Criags list right now and get one for a grand, driving it home, a decent old truck. Yet this guy, took it and blew away the zillion dollar customs and streetrods in the room.

I looked and looked, deeper and deeper and finally found some texture in the paint. Up under the hood structure the clear wasn't cut flawlessly flat. Other than that, on the edges of the hood, the firewall, the front of the bed and back of the cab, inside the bed, EVERY SQUARE INCH was cut flawlessly with ZERO texture!

I will tell you right now, the guy who built this truck, I will put money on did all the work, body and paint. It was one mans passion, that is what it looks like to me. I can't believe you could find a few guys to do it that would all have the passion needed. It would be like assembling the Beetles or the Eagles to make music. It is lightening striking.

I believe the guy who did it, he is looking for the next car to build. It being finished isn't the destination, the journey is the destination. Once the journey is finished, I will put money on it that he is on to something else.

I am going to try to find the guy who owns it and see if I am right.


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