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Originally Posted by vert1940
not sidestepping the perfect panels but, do you get that thing together without messing something up?? i realize you use tape to help..but that is beyond help!!
It just takes being careful, that is all there is to it. Help from friends, is a biggie.

You want to talk about the actual process? The most important step, the ABSOLUTE CAN NOT BE PASSED UP, CAN NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY step?

Simple, TRIAL FITTING PARTS! Sounds obvious, but many of us will rush thru portions of the process for one reason or another. First reason, "awe, it fit before" but things change or you may not have been looking at it with a critical enough eye. Second reason trial fitting gets rushed, it is an odd concept but hear me out and think about it for a while.

When we are looking at our car for flaws, we don't WANT to find them! That is the biggest reason that I have found in teaching apprentices in the shop. This concept hit me years ago and it has helped tremendously in teaching. If you are feeling your body work for flaws, it is human nature to NOT want to find any after all the blocking and hard work, right? Well if you DON'T want to find a flaw, you will do just that, not find one! You then prime it and paint it and WHAM, there is that flaw you didn't WANT to find!

You have to WANT to find flaws! You have to be passionate about the WANT to find them. If you are, if you REALLY want to find a flaw as you are feeling body work or trial fitting that panel, you WILL find the flaws and correct them.

You've no doubt seen the famous Henry Ford quote: "Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right." BELIEVE IT!

If you THINK you can move a mountain, your brain starts figuring out ways to DO IT. If you think you can't, your brain starts making excuses why you can't.

You have to WANT to find the flaws and you then will and correct them before the parts are painted, and before the parts are bolted on for good.

Here is a little article on the subject of trial fitting parts. "Basics of Basics" trail fitting parts (click here)

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