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Originally Posted by bubbahotep
This post probably needs a new title since its all carb at this point. lol. Heres whats happening:

I lowered the idle screw until I got a square hole. I could remove the screw and still have the hole the same size so at least NO IDLE screw pressure is a good starting point without removing the carb again

I then adjusted the little secondary screw under the carb (small inset screw). I turned it 1 full turn as a test and reinstalled the carb

Car starts easily, seems to have no kickback, but unless I dive out from the drivers seat to give some throttle shes gonna stall. Anything under 2000rpm seems to idle like total crap and she'll stall at whatever idle speed its set down to. I estimate its at 500rpm.

I did not yet increase my timing at idle which is 18'

If I increase the secondary openings (I can move the plates manually from the side of the carb) I can raise my idle rpm so she wont stall. This is the same as turning the screw under the carb without actually doing so. If I adjust the idle screw it also does the same BUT that defeats the purpose here since I want to keep my plate where they are.

So, should I increase the secondary openings MORE (which is sucking in more gas to do so) until I get a good idle or should I raise my idle timing more? Or both?
Your primary throttle blades are miss adjusted from what I can see. If the picture is correct, with the throttle blades in the closed position the transfer slot is exposed to the bottom of the blade. If this is so, the throttle stop needs to be adjusted till the transfer slot is above the top of the throttle blade.

I don't recall how much cam your using, if this has a high performance cam with a real low idle vacuum, it may be necessary to either adjust the secondary blade stop to admit more air, or the primary blades drilled to admit more idle air.

As it looks to me now, with the transfer slots exposed to idle vacuum, you're getting fuel from both circuits which will cause a rich and largely uncontrollable idle mixture along with a flat spot when the throttle is tipped in.

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