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MDB1056 08-10-2008 08:57 PM

HELP!! Mystery Oil Leak
I have just reassembled and reinstalled a completely rebuilt SBC in my ski boat. NAPA did the machine work - short block and heads separately. I It's a 92 5.7 350 - 285 HP. Reassembeled everything carefully - reinstalled in the boat, and I have a mystery leak. I'm getting a white oily substance coming out of the bell housing upper right - inspection / access plate. It's coming off the back of the plate, running down the bell housing and dripping off the bottom.

Now - there is no water in the oil, or trans fluid, both are clean and clear. There are no other oil leaks - filter, valve covers, sending unit, intake manifold, pan, drain plug, etc. The ONLY thing that makes sense to me at all is that one of the main galley plugs is leaking - as it's upper right which would put it just above the cam location where the plugs are anyway. I'm guessing that the white oily stuff is combo of pre lube from the build and the brand new oil. If that;s the case I'm going to have real issues with the NAPA machine shop. Does this make sense or are there any other options that it could be? Engine has run for a total of maybe 15 minutes. Problem is that to get to the flywheel etc will require to take the entire engine OUT of the boat again, and undo a lot of the 40+ hrs I have in putting it all back in place. I can send pictured if that would help.

ANY help here would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!

richard stewart 3rd 08-12-2008 11:38 AM

We just had a poster w/the same type of substance & it turned
out to be the assembly lube, so based on that, I would have to
say you have diagnosed the substance correctly, & no drought
the location of the leak as well.
Take care,

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