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newdad1 09-02-2007 03:50 PM

Need Correct Coolant Hose Routing
Can someone tell me if this is correct. I have an '81 El Camino that originally came with a 305 and AC. I took the 305 out as well as the AC and put a freshly rebuilt 350 in its place. I have decided to bypass the heater also, atleast for the time being. I have just broke this engine in. It does not have more than 45 minutes run time on it. I have noticed my temp is hovering right around the 195-200 degree mark. My thermostat is new; 180 temp. the radiator is the original radiator which I believe-not sure how to tell-is a two core with a shroud. I have an RPM air gap intake manifold. I put pipe plugs in the threaded holes--one in the front, one in the back of the intake manifold--leading to the coolant passages in the intake manifold. After reading some of the other post, I don't think I should have done this. Since I am not using my heater at the moment, should I take the pipe plug out in the front of the intake manifold, and run a hose from that to the top of the water pump which is a new long style water pump?
Also, I have my temp sensor for my temp gauge screwed into the block between cylinders 1 and 3. Is this the correct place or should I relocate it to the top of the intake manifold?
Once again, thank you for all responses.

75gmck25 09-02-2007 05:20 PM

The stock heater hose routing goes from the intake manifold fitting on the front, passenger side of the manifold over the heater core and back to a fitting on the radiator. I don't think an '81 used the fitting on the water pump.

You have the right location for the temp sensor. Most folks will say that the head location reads a little higher than the intake manifold fitting, but mine seems to read about the same in both locations. If you have headers it might be easier to use the intake manifold fitting.


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