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Need help with a 351W build

Greetings all! I have been doing a LOT of research trying to figure out how to build a reliable 351W with approx 450+ hp/ ftlbs and still maintain 10mpg in the city (if not more). Money doesn't present TOO much of an object, but I don't want to spend more than 8k or so. I will not be putting on an FI kit unless I can get a very good one for under my current engine budget. I will put in FI at some point in the future however. As I have stated, I want it to be reliable and my main goal is to get those numbers naturally asperated.

I want to go with:

complete roller assembly and I don't really have a lot of experience with roller items (anyone recommend a specific brand for the rockers/ lifters etc? ) And what ratio would you recommend?


Edelbrock performer RPM manifold, or an Air-Gap (not sure if it will fit-- any using a 351W with an Air-Gap on a '66 mustang?

I'll need to get probably 10:1 compression and I'm not sure what
I should go with on the pistons. Anyone have any recommendations?

I plan on using an MSD ignition system as well as an electric waterpump and fuel pump

Thinking about a holley 750 for the carb. Any recommendations here? more or less?

Cam I'm getting from Lunati and I don't have the exact grind at the moment, but I'd certainly like some other recommendations here as well. Remember i'm going with a roller assembly.

Next, I'm pretty sure a stock crank can do the job just fine, however I'd like other opinions as well.

Rods-- should I use H beam rods? I will more than likely be putting more crap on the engine so I want everything to have room for growth. And if so, can any recommend some brands you have experience with?

Also looking at chromemoly pushrods from crane-- anyone used these and do you recommend them or another brand?

Basically I want the engine to be VERY solid at ~450+hp/ft. lbs. with room for expansion in the future. Any and all comments on engine build are more than welcome. If anyone here has a high mileage, solid 351W that puts out the numbers I'm looking for, PLEASE share your configuration with me. Like I say, i'm looking for NA at the moment, However I'd like for my build to be able to handle FI at some point.

I have a decent idea of what I want to put into it, however I'd like as much outside help/ info/ recommendations as possible. Thanx a lot for the help and input!

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