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Thanx for the help guys. I have a brand new TKO waiting to go into it. Also thinking about putting 3.5s into the rearend.

a electric water pump on the street won`t cut it. making that kind of power it`ll never keep it cool
Now that is one thing I hadn't actually considered. Why do you say it wouldn't be able to keep cool? I haven't looked into which particular pump to use, more like kicking the idea around. What would you recommend to help the cooling?

As for the combustion efficiency, I am hoping that a complete MSD ignition system (including the distributor) will help that out a lot.

Considering your goal and the components you have mentioned, you may want to look into a custom cam.
Thats actually what I was doing with Lunati. One of the guys there had a couple ideas and he gave me the specs on a grind and recommended I research it to make sure it was what I needed. However cam grinds are one of those elusive pieces of engine technology to me. I have read a ton of information on it and I understand each number individually, however putting them all together and understanding the entire process is a bit daunting. Anyway, I will definitely check out the guy you recommended and do more asking around and etc.

I was thinking about stroking it, but I don't believe I will. Only thing I'll be doing is putting it .030 over. However if someone can tell me I can get 10mpg/ city with a stroker, I might consider that. I certainly like the torque aspect of it, however I'm just worried it will negatively impact my mileage requirements.

If you are willing to spend up to 8K, I'd get an Aluminum headed crate motor
I have had quite a few friends that got crate motors, and I must say I've been very disappointed with most of them. Even the high dollar/ high quality ones are not quite what I have expected. If you can point me in the direction of some very, very well made crate motors I will take a look at them.

Again, thanx for the input! Any other comments are more than welcome-- fire away!

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