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WayOutCat 08-07-2002 05:42 PM

need help finding dual master cylinder
thanks for reading this! I have tried all the catalogs I can find, done a google search, hunted through lots of unhelpful websites, no luck.

Does anyone know where I can buy a dual master cylinder brake set-up for my '65 Impala/Caprice? Thanks in advance for any leads!

helrazr3 08-07-2002 06:08 PM

hey wayoutcat i bought a newmaster cylinder and brake booster for my 66 impala i had a friend get it for me,i dont know who he got it from but i'll ask him and let you know. i'll post it here as soon as i find out.
i just checked my paddock catalog and there in there . is there somthing specifc your looking for? if you want to convert your stock single cylinder for a dual you might have to mix and match some parts. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> if you haven't looked there yet. let me know if you need anything else. :cool: 08-08-2002 06:46 AM

Classic Chevy International club should have everything you need. Why not go to Pick-A-Part and get a rebuildable core?

WayOutCat 08-08-2002 10:10 AM

helrazr & willys, thanks!

what I want is to stick with my drum brakes, and unfortunately every dual master cylinder kit I've seen in magazines, catalogs, & websites comes with a disc conversion kit.

Also, I have to admit that I don't know what a rebuildable core is. I would personally never trust myself to do anything as important as a brake job without help.

As long as I'm coming clean about humbling truths about myself, I am one of those guys who basically only knows enough to change my own oil.

I replaced the head gaskets on my '79 buick in high school and that was about the most complicated project I ever tackled. I did some work on my exhaust with a hack saw. The less said about that the better. I helped my girlfriend's family with a bit of engine and transmission work, but I was just the dumb lackey who followed instructions.

I was slowly learning some heavy duty wrenching, from the girlfriend's dad, but then she left me, and my '70 stang got stolen, and I lost my interest in hot rodding for about fifteen years. Now I'm older, and i want to learn again, but now I spend too much time working!

Gosh I wish I had back all that free time from when I was 19...

awsum34 08-08-2002 12:52 PM


Rerun Rodder 08-12-2002 07:42 PM

He's right- give the folks at mpbrakes a call.
I know what you mean about feeling all thumbs. just think of it as very rusty!

bullheimer 08-16-2002 11:51 AM

i'm pretty sure in 68 gm went to dual master cylinders and anything from that year chevy should bolt right on. BUT... then you have to get a porportioning valve-(for same or similar car) and run some new brake lines seperating the fronts from the rears. shouldn't be any harder that that. i need to do the same to my 66 tempest, but why wouldn't you want to put discs on? get a rebuilt m.c. from a parts house and it will bolt right on. mp can definitely help but they are top notch=kinda spendy.

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