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Originally Posted by Silver Surfer
Here are the numbers from Desktop Dyno 2003. There was not a supplied file for this cam, nor does it seem that Lunati publishes their valve timings like Comp Cams does. I figure this cam is pretty comparable to the Comp Camps XE268 cam so I started with that and edited the few known values that are published for this cam.

You are looking at
365 HP @ 5,000 RPM
425 ft/lbs @ 4,000 RPM

I think this is a little conservitive, but not too far off. I would expect to see about about 380hp/430tq.

I took another look at those heads and since they are already 399.99 a piece i would suggest skipping them and going with these;

you are going to spend basically the same exact amount for a pair a of heads that will out perform the crap out of those vortec heads. right off the bat you would be looking at 20-25hp, due to the improved flow + velocity they produce and the extra .2-.3 of compression would you get out of them (if the vortecs are 66-68cc).

I would also recomend you jump to a slightly larger cam (if you refuse to go with a roller) such as this one;

do not use 1.6 rockers with these though, i would only use 1.5 rockers.

the cam i suggested with the RHS heads, as well as the kit i suggested would get you into the 425hp/450tq range. you will want to run an aftermarket stall with this cam though, around 2800. the cam says that it's band starts at 3000rpm but that is in a 350, in a 383 the band will start at about 2400rpm.
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