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yes, you will need a different intake manifold. my advise would be to sell the vortec style one on either ebay or craigslist. they normally sell pretty easy.

then look on ebay or craigslist for a used performer rpm intake like this one

in IMHO stay away from the air-gap intakes, do a search on this forum about them and then form your own opinion is what i would suggest.

you also mentioned not knowing what to do for a distributor, here

White Performance Detail Description

you dont have to get the clear one, they also have them in red, black, and i think blue.

and as i mentioned i would not go with the 650DP carb, it will work yes, but i dont think that mechanical secondaries is what you are looking for. i think that this carb would better suit your needs and this carb is pretty much one of if not the most popular carb that Holley ever made. they have a very good reputation for being quality. I have used 3 so far with absolutley no problems. but as with all carbs you may have to tune it once you acutally get everything put together so it suits your motor. there may be some that claim to be but not many (if any) carbs are "plug and play".

Holley 3310-2, 750cfm vacuum secondary carburetor | eBay

with the howards cam i recomended, the RHS heads, 3310 750 carb, HEI distributor, the 9.6:1 that the 64cc chambers and 18cc dished pistons will give you, and all tuned correctly is the recipe for a 425hp/450tq 383 (385 in your case) motor.

now be sure to look up quench/squish before you buy a set of head gaskets so that you get your quench @ around .040-.046".

with these 3rd gen f-bodies you will need to do some work to the suspenion and the rear to get it to hold this kind of power. I would either recomend you get a set of moser or strange axles, a better aftermarket carrier, and some stronger aftermarket rear gears. all of this will cost you around 1000.00

UMI Performance 2205-B - UMI Performance Transmission Mounted Torque Arms - Overview -
UMI Performance 2019-B - UMI Performance Single Adjustable Panhard Bars - Overview -

these served me well when i had my 355
Lakewood Suspension 21700 - Lakewood Traction Action Lift Bar Kits - Overview -
Competition Engineering C3046 - Competition Engineering Weld-On Subframe Connectors - Overview -

and then i would recomend these for the rear end
Summit Racing SUM-700118 - Summit Racing® Direct Fit Axle Shafts - Overview -
Auburn Gear Inc 542046 - Auburn Gear Pro Series Differentials - Overview -
Summit Racing SUM-741011 - Summit Racing Street & Strip® Ring and Pinion Sets - Overview -

you will spend some money but you have to pay to play, when i put my 385 in my camaro (under the old set up which made 500hp/490tq) I grenaded my rearend within 3 weeks, and that was with street tires, and only giving it about 1/3-1/2 throttle. I looked into fabricating in a 9" ford rearend but once i looked into the Moser 12 bolt direct replacement rearends i found the 9" rearend was going to be more of a hassle since i already had all the suspension parts i wanted and they would bolt up to the new Moser 12 bolt rather easily where as with the 9" is was going to require a good amount of work.

good luck, i hope that all the $$$ signs you just saw that you will likely need to have a stable car didn't scare you off. take your time, do it right, and in the end you will love what you end up with.
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