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"Hrmm, that's funny, because 93 pump is all I run. My quench is .040, static is 11.77-1. My dynamic is right around 9.3-1 as well. My car only runs mid 10's at 130 though. I'm headed to the track saturday shooting for some 10.3's hopefully 10.2's at 131-132ish. But what do I know. I would say you probably have a tuning issue, too much timing, too lean or have WAY too hot of a plug to not be able to run pump. I know guys with 12.4-1 static engines with milder cams than mine that run pump and also run 10's. A bone-stock LT4 engine had 10.8-1 compression and a cam with hardly any overlap. Care to guess what the dynamic is on that motor? Cam has 203/210 duration, intake valve closes 31 degrees ABDC. OOps, it has 10.29 dynamic. Those cars run on 91 octane as recommended by GM. Putting your car as an example doesn't mean you are right."

Acutally my motor was tuned while on an engine dyno, not in my backyard. If i wanted to change the tune then yes i could run on pump gas, but since i said it was tuned on a dyno i have seen first hand exactly what my motor wants and likes, we went through multiple combinations, between different carbs, intakes, timing... The setting we stuck with was the one that ran the most consistant over multiple pulls.

if you would actually read my posts to this guy, you would see that i am not telling him that this rear is strong, i have flat told him that it is the WEAK point in the build. Yes the ring gear is small is weak but a softer aftermarket ring gear can handle 400hp. i have offered him some ideas that will help make it a bit stronger. WHAT HAVE YOU HONESTLY CONTRIBUTED TO THIS THREAD BESIDES ATTEMP TO ATTACK ME as the OP has blatently stated, he is looking for 400hp, can you, me, and 500,000 other people tell him how to build way more than 400hp out of a 383, DAH but that is not what he has stated that HE WANTS

To the OP, I hope that is "bickering" back and forth between Joelster and I hasn't put a bad taste in your mouth about this site. I certainly hope that you continue to ask questions when the arrise. and I certainly hope that the advise you get is ment for what you are looking to do, not someone elses idea of fun.
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