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FortyNine 02-10-2012 10:33 AM

Need input on 49 Chevy Truck build
Long time lurker here and have a new project for input:

49 Chevy truck cab


* Quick/good handling chassis suitable for licensed street use as well as occasional autocross events. Think C6 killer in a 49.
* Open wheel vehicle. Rat roddish style cab - chopped, patina but solid/straight with good workmanship. Minimal hood/grill and bed will also be minimal - sides and tailgate but with open floor. Chassis/interior/engine detailed.
* Strong but tractable/reliable engine - 300hp SBC. Engine located as far rearward as possible and still practical.
* Approx. 100-105" WB. Maintain weight about 2500lb.
* As close to 50/50 weight distribution as possible.
* Reasonable budget.

Current plans.
* IFS with solid rear and adjustable coilovers front and rear. Power steering.
* Boxed S10 Frame (?)
* SBC - carb'd/mild cam/headers/head work.
* Trans - undecided if prepped auto or manual. (?)
* Rear diff - have access to a gen4 firebird 3.42/posi/discs (?)
* Tilt column (already have)
* Corvette C6 wheels - 18x8.5/19x10 (already have)
* Recaro style seats/4 points (already have and from a foreign mfr'r not to be named).
* Fuel cell
* Battery (rear located)
* Radiator - rear located. (?)

Thoughts/questions that come to mind:

Is there another chassis I should be looking at besides the S10? The S10 is a pretty common swap on the Chevy AD body and reports are some decent handling vehicles can be made but I am not committed yet. With the positive offset vette wheels, I am pretty sure I am going to have to run spacers to keep the tires off the frame which I don't like. If I go with a wider rearend such as the WS6, I think I will be ok w/o spacers but the front will still need attention. Is there a more suitable chassis I should be considering or other options?

Is there a better/other rear diff you would recommend? Anything I do will required some custom fab for coilover mounts/locating/etc. which I am fine with doing.

Other thoughts/input? THANKS!

jetnow1 02-11-2012 07:46 AM

Not my cup of tea but I would say what you want would be best done by making your own frame- s-10 is common for vehicles that have stock body
setup. You could use vette suspension and brakes, move the body to where
you would get the weight distribution you want, have a much stiffer frame
and probably spent no more than a cobbled together s-10 frame. Good luck with your vehicle. Jim

FortyNine 02-24-2012 10:58 AM

Thanks Jet,

I had been considering going that route and as of last week am now the owner of a salvage C4 corvette. I am now wondering if it is better to cut the front and rear subs and link with a custom frame or build a new frame altogether. If I go the subframe route, I would prob just leave the track width the same but obviously need a narrowed midsection.

Has anyone narrowed or seen a narrowed C4 chassis?

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