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cutthroatkid 02-07-2013 12:41 AM

Need more help&advice..basics of basics
Well I've been painting trailers&such lately mostly horse trailers.Well I have a ton of trailers lined up to be painted&got a couple of patch panels to be done.Figure I'll keep it simple. Till I get good enough for some bigger jobs.So I have a few questions 1st is Im painting a new white fiberglass camper shell for a truck gold.What do I scuff it with?400 or a 3m pad?&should I primer it?Next not sure if I already asked this or not but is it's okay to add clear to base to make an almost homemade single stage? Next..I've been painting trailers with bc/cc but I see they sell gallons of tractor&implement paint for 29.99 a gallons&they have all of the basic colors so I could really save some $ by using this stuff..what is it lacquer?&what do I need to know before I spray this stuff for the first time?Does it dry fast?
And what is the best thing to clean your gun with to let its sit in overnite?..Sorry so long Ive searched most of this via Google but got mixed results&you guys &another board member are pretty much my teachers&I appreciate you all thanks fellas!

69 widetrack 02-07-2013 07:44 AM

To clean your gun...use gun wash, you can buy it in 5 gallon pails and the cost is about $40.00...up here in Canada that's what the price is so it should be around the same in your State.

As far as all of the other questions go...I just sent you an email and answered all of them, so if you get this first, check your email.


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