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More garage thoughts,

**** MUST HAVES: ****
* GOOD fire extinguisher - not just the same
size as you keep in your car.
* Good First Aid kit (more than band-aids)
should include eye wash & butterfly strips
* Good stereo
* Get a big-assed squirrel cage fan from HVAC
guys, they really move a lot of air.
Available and cheap.

If you're even THINKING of a lift, PLAN now for it. You need a 6" slab under the lift. A little more forming and extra concrete will pay off BIG time when you put the lift in.

Spend the extra $$ and seal the fresh concrete with 2-part epoxy floor paint. Do it before you put anything in the garage. ( A fresh burnout is cool, but) the finished floor is money WELL spent... and it will stick to a fresh floor / it wont' stick to old grease or oil stains. It makes cleanups a breeze.

Think about a floor drain - enables you to wash down everything. Depending on zoning or restrictions in your neighborhood.

You can never have enough electrical outlets. Conduit and wire are easy to run. Many contractors will work with you - you run the conduit, pull the wire and hang the boxes (the time consuming work they don't really want to do), then they come in and hook things up to code - saves you money and meets inspections.

Gotta have a big stereo. (I find a TV a distraction to what I'm working on, but hey that's just me.) If the shop is far away from the house, get a couple of hand-held walkie talkies. You never know when you need an extra hand.

If you're lucky enough to build a big garage, set aside one area for a 'tool crib' where you can store big things (welder, cherry picker, extra engine stands & less frequently used tools) You always need them, but you know where they are.

Think vertical storage - If you have enough height, you can easily build a loft and store household crap up there without sacrificing valuable floorspace.

I'm sure you've seen enough of your buddy's shops and picked up on slick tricks/useful pieces you can encorporate in your garage. I spent a lot of time desinging & planning mine. It makes it a lot of fun to go to the shed and work on cars when the shop

49 T&C
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