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onefastchevy 06-03-2010 09:11 AM

Need painting advice...
Hey Guys,

I have a car that is in need of a paint job. My issue is while repairing a nasty and deep scratch a few years ago I ran into a major problem. After sanding smooth, I hit it with a shot of primer. Within seconds the paint underneath (or primer under the paint) bubbled. I cursed, waited for it to dry, sanded again, and tried self etching primer. Same problem. After much cursing and many tries I finally got it to look ok (still not good, but the color matches and the scratch is gone).

Now I want to paint the whole car. It needs VERY little body work (only a couple minor blemishes, and the spot I did last time needs to be re-done). There is no rust on the car, and it is very straight. Thus I believe only a bit of sanding is needed to prep most of the car.

The problem is how do I stop it from bubbling? I believe there are "sealer's" out there (probably the wrong term) that will solve this issue. But I have no idea which one.....

I have herd of 615 by Dupont. Is this the right stuff? Do I spray is first? Mix it with the primer???

Some back ground on me, just so you know my level of expertise... NONE!!
I have done a few body repairs that (in my very humble opinion) turned out well (not a pro job, but for a driveway repair by an amateur, not too bad). I have done many spray bomb touch ups that unless you know where they were you wouldn't know about them.

This is my first attempt at painting an entire car, so any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

I am going to rent a spray booth, and have read the books and watched the TV shows, and now I want to give it a try. (mainly because the car really needs paint, and I can't afford the $10 + K to get it done in a shop)



jeetkunedoground 06-03-2010 09:53 AM

Thats weird, tell us more about what kind of Primer are u using;) and the area your spraying primer to is that the original basecoat , are you using spray cans?

i'm a noob myself but i remember somebody saying some primer dont mix with some other chemicals ummm something like acylic and enamel something like that.

anyways im sure if u answer any of my questions it will help u get a better answer :mwink:

btw by best bet by just reading your post i would go with Dirty dusty area ;) did u tach?

jcclark 06-03-2010 10:34 AM

You'd probably be better off covering with epoxy primer first.
That would be your best defense, it seals better than any sealer
out there and is less reactive in disturbing the existing paint. :pimp:

onefastchevy 06-03-2010 01:09 PM

I don't remember what kind of primer it was. Just a spray can from my local parts store. All I remember was that the first one was a normal primer, and the second (which was recommended after the first one bubbled) was self etching. This is the "some primers don't mix with some paints" thing you were talking about.

The paint on the car is not original (it's a 67 Camaro) and I have no idea what type of paint it is.

I will try to find an "epoxy" primer and spot test it. Any idea if it's available in spray can just for testing (I know a paint supplier, so will get the good stuff when I do the whole car).


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