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Originally Posted by Irelands child
Unfortunately we now have >310,000,000 people that just WILL NOT (can not?) learn that system. We could be like the Brits with their cars - measure distance in miles but buy petrol in litres. I mostly understand the system, but still have trouble visualizing the relationship to real life. For instance, the wheelbase for my '31 is 103.5 inches but in mm it's 2628.9 (103.5x25.4). How many folks would have the same problem. Then you get into acres vs hectares on how many millions of property deeds which some politician would make into law on property transfer would be required to be converted to the decimal system. This translates into costs to people as well as state, and local offices as well as banks/lenders - and it goes on and on and on.
Can not or will not? I was trying to point out that we ALL use the metric system every day. Our MONEY is METRIC. Imagine if we bought gas by using fractions, would it cost $3 & 7/16 per gallon? So if it took 17 gallons that would be how much? 17 X 3 7/16 = ?
My first real exposure to the metric system was years ago when I was a deck hand on a tug boat. The other deck hand was a Belgian who had only been in the states a short time. He had been a captain in europe but his english wasn't good enough for him to pass his coast guard tests. He always spoke of distances in yards. Like the barge had 15 yards of space left to load. I finally figured out that yards are the closet to meters and that's how he converted in his head. I do the opposite now!
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