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mustangsal 07-03-2008 06:28 AM

Need a ruler...decimal-inch
I'm trying to measure my frame to be sure it's not tweaked. All the factory measurements are in inches... but decimal inches like 8.15 inches.

Where can I purchase a ruler/ tape measure that can do that?

speedydeedy 07-03-2008 06:45 AM

I have never seen such a ruler. Just get a decimal equivalent chart and convert yourself.

red65mustang 07-03-2008 06:56 AM

here's a conversion chart you can print and a calculator

forestrytodd 07-03-2008 06:56 AM

Look at Ben (see Link below). In forestry we use these kind of tapes all the time. Some are in inches and some are in 10th's. On the back side of the tape it will have measurements for the diameter. You can measure around the tree (circumference) and just read from the tape and it does the math for you to get the diameter without having to cut the tree, (they'll get cut later).

Henry Highrise 07-03-2008 07:50 AM

Just use your normal ruler... one inch equals 100/100th' a quarter of a inch would be .25, a half an inch .50, and three quarters would be .75 etc. Breaking it down smaller an eight of an inch would be twelve and a half hundredths, a 16th would be 6 and a quarter hundredths.

leldai73 07-03-2008 03:10 PM

I use a rule thats designated in decimal inches every day. Starrett, Brown and sharpe and Mitutoyo make name a few. Pricey little things though.

Dave57210 07-04-2008 10:51 PM

Decimal inches ruler
Try Drafting supplies shops for rulers , Surveyors supplies shops for tapes in decimals of inches

Bowles8742 03-12-2011 09:33 AM

Decimal ruler
There are two types of decimal rulers. One is used by surveyors, the other by machinists/engineers. The survey ruler is divided into tenths of a foot, not inches. The engineer ruler is divided into tenths of an inch and parallels the measurements on the leaf thickness gauge and the micrometer. The one I use is from Lufkin and can be found on their website. Mine is a 12' tape and cost $8.80 + SHT. There are other sources, but this was the most reasonable price I found.

cal1320 03-12-2011 06:30 PM

Just convert it yourself. Example 3/8'' = top # divided by bottom # =
3 divided by 8 = .375''.

Bowles8742 03-12-2011 06:55 PM

The ruler has decimal inches along one side and fractional inches on the other side. You just look at the mark directly across from what you want to convert. No room for error, no transposed figures.

evolvo 03-12-2011 07:02 PM

Or we could just get smart and convert to the metric system like every other country in the world, and like we should have done fifty years ago. :thumbup:

poncho62 03-12-2011 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by evolvo
Or we could just get smart and convert to the metric system like every other country in the world, and like we should have done fifty years ago. :thumbup:

It's been about 30 years since we did it......I have almost got it figured out....... :confused: :D

Temperature and speeds are not too bad....but this litres/100 km thing instead of miles/gallon ......makes no sense to me.

cucumber1949 03-12-2011 10:54 PM

Stanley part number 33-272.

Commanderkewl 03-12-2011 11:27 PM

. 03125 is 1/32. Times five is the nearest to .15.. This is just a smidgen over at . 15625".. So it's 5/32"..

I always divided 1 by 32 which gives me a pretty accurate number. Anything tighter and your looking at 64 th.

Hope that helps.

Irelands child 03-13-2011 07:38 AM

....or Starrett SEPTLS68165792 - Decimal English/Metric Tape

I have a 25 foot version.

Dave W

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