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Originally Posted by 327NUT View Post
I'm a major advocate of...."to each his own" BUT....I think you would be making a BIG as in HUGE mistake pulling the 472 and sticking a chevy in there. No need to tell you that the car is very heavy and you need cubes to get her rolling.
I know the 472 is a great engine and one of the best GMC ever built. The LQ9 was designed for Cadillac and used in Escalades and trucks and I did some weight comparisons and 69 deville 4500 #'s and the escalade 5400 #'s.

Besides, you say you've never tackled anything like this before so you might just be getting in over your head with all the computer and electronic hook ups and such for the engine and trans. Don't know your level of expertice....maybe you can.
The computer part is the easy part. The part that I have no experience with is swapping a new engine in an old car and weather it will just bolt in with some modifications or it need a new frame.

Everything I have done was...

Put a big block in an old camaro and put a Cleveland in an mustang basically engine upgrades from smaller engines and stuff.

If you go to Cadillac Forum you can join the forum of guys that build some "rip snortin" 472/500 Cadillac engines. There's plenty of hipo parts being made for them. I've got right at $6700 in my 507" Cad, it dyno'd at 535 trq. @ 4300 and 466 hp @ 5000. And this is an 8.7:1 engine that can run on 87 oct....think about it. ps, the red line is the torque curve....which doesn't curve too much
I will also add that I am not completely sure I will do this. The 472 is a great engine and it would be MUCH MUCH easier.

I am still looking at my options before settling in on. Knowledge is king and your advice and knowledge helps me make an educated decision.

Thank you
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