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any primer that I would use or suggest would only be my personal opinion.what you should do is start a new thread and ask that question.This way you'll get everyones opinion of their experiances with different brands.I use two brands of urathane primer for production work and only one for super straight high quality work...SPI has about the best urathane high build primer Ive used so far ,it sands easy and it shrinkage is minimal ,its great for blocking a whole car down and gettting everything super straight...It is a little to thick for my production work though because for that I use a poly putty (evercoat) in place of primer for blocking ,its cheaper and faster for me ,when I prime its sanded with 320 -400 so I need a thinner primer not for straightening but filling any small scratches and something for the paint to stick to...

you havent mentioned anything about filling your dents just featheredging them.something that would help you imencely would be to guide coat "Everything" at "Every" stage of the operation,it'll be a lot faster and easier and take a lot of the guess work and mystery out of this. for instance guide coat your first coat of eopxy to find your high and low spots work the metal the best you can (this part is what really seperates the old timers from the newbies) on the bigger dents and waves use bondo (I like evercoats z grip) on your smaller stuff that doesnt need much filling use a poly putty (like evercoats ez sand).sand with 80..Guide coat your bondo and prime when done with more epoxy (Spi is great stuff) guide coat the epoxy and block again (180)(I like the black epoxy with a white guide coat) depending on everything you did so far and the kind of shape the car was in determines what kind of primer comes next...if you have any epoxy left use it all up,Spi can be use as a fill primer and you dont want to waste it by leaving it unused.many times you wont need any other primer but if its not straight enough use the urathane high build primer,guide coat and keep blocking with 180 ...this should get you in the ballpark for wet (block) sanding 320-400 ...You cant go wrong with SPI primers ,they're not super expensive and are of the highest quality and they have a tel,# you can call to get instant answears to any questions that can arise...You can use lower quality,cheaper materials and still get good results but this is a lot of work and no pro would take a chance on using cheaper, low end materials might even mean extra work...its just not worth it..But start a new thread and see what everyone else says they like ,weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision based our knowlage and your budget..None of us know everything and whats right for me might not be right for you...
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