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All interesting stuff guys, not to change the subject bUUUt

I need to approach this differently I guess, I guess I need to ask a few questions at a time cause Its getting confusing.

I went to the salvage yard the other day and dropped 2 gas tanks and retrieved their sending units. I could not figure out why the heck I could get no reading so that is when I started this post, didnt get much of a response on how to use the meter so I just went ahead and assumed I needed to work harder.

I went to a different salvage yard this A.M and pulled 4 fuel tanks and their senders, I brought my meter with me, none of them read the way I thought they were supposed too. I was sure I just had no idea what to do with the meter.

I brought the meter back to Tampa Napa and asked for a sending unit for an 82 F-150, tested it there, same thing, no results, no-one at Napa had a clue how to use the multi-meter or they just couldnt be bothered to help.

Guy told me save receipt, dont install it, bring sending unit home and try to figure it out with help from your friends on-line.

Did that, came home, tried it again and now its working, also 1 out of the 4 I picked up at Cophers this A.M is working as well. I dont know why they did not work before and at this point do not care.

I see now how the reading goes from high to low, low to high.

I am assuming at this point that since the gauges appear identical from ( I think 81-86 ) Ford trucks that they all carry the same resistance values throughout the system, would you guys agree? I know in 87 they went to a fancier gauge, dash changed ect.

My question is looking at the pictures below........I want to go slow here and learn something, I would like to do what this fella is doing here on this You-tube video ........

Sorry if this has already been answered but which side of this gauge does the hot lead from the battery go on, seems to me it would matter.

Big Cliff seems to think it will and I agree, guys on Ford Forum say it does not matter I believe.

Looking at the video it looks like hot lead from battery goes on one prong of the gauge, then a lead from other side of gauge goes to fuel tank sending unit and then I would ground the fuel tank sending unit to negative side of battery, is that correct.

This guy mentions buzzer box, I dont know what that is and dont think I need to worry about it here?

Thanks guys

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