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streetrodder31 10-22-2005 04:39 PM

Need some help!
Hi there everyone on here. I need some advice on what to do.
I just bought a 7hp 135max 60 gallon compressor, It is a Husky from campbell hausfeld. My father in law came over and put a new 100amp panel box in my shop and we wired every thing brand new now. We hard wired the compressor up and went to turn it on and nothing, motor would not do nothing. we have juice to the switch and to the motor but nothing is happining. WHAT DO I DO NOW. I AM STRESSING BIG TIME HERE!!! I was excited to go from a little 20 gallon one to this nice 60 gallon compressor and now it won't work. What should i do. any one your help would greatly be appreciated. thanks and god bless' :confused: :( :sweat:

poncho62 10-22-2005 05:36 PM

If you are sure it's wired correctly, take the compressor back.......bad motor.

You should also check the pressure regulator, maybe it's not letting it kick in as it thinks the pressure is up.

Henry Highrise 10-22-2005 05:51 PM

Are you sure its wired right? Sometimes folks wire the 220 stuff for 110, thats what my neighbor did. His would not work, I rewired it for him and put 220 service to the compressor and it worked just fine. Another thing to think about is the thermal reset button. There should be a red button on the motor, press it to reset it, it could have been tripped.

streetrodder31 10-22-2005 06:04 PM

Ok here goes what i did
Hey guys i thought it was a bad motor too so i took it off and went and exchanged it for a nother motor off a new compressor at the store. watched the guy take it off myself. brought it home and hooked it back up like is should be and went to turn it on and nothing. now what we have it hooked up to a 30amp double breaker for it. and ran the wire to the compressor, at the switch we have juice, cause we used a test light, we even tested the switch to see if it was bad and when we held the tester on and clicked to to turn on it let the light go off and clicked it off the light went back on the tester, we checked the wires in the back of the motor and they are all hot too. so what else is there to check,. i'll be here to hear from you all. thanks so far, for the response. :confused: :(

Henry Highrise 10-22-2005 06:10 PM

Only other thing I can think of is.......When you put your two breakers in your switch box...did you plug them in on the same leg in the box? If you did it will not work, you have to have one on each 110 leg in your box.

streetrodder31 10-22-2005 06:24 PM

Here what i have.
in my panel box, Highrise i have one big breaker for 220 stuff, ok he has it hooked up like this . green wire to a brass screw on the side, then a black and white wire goes in each of the holes in the back of the breaker. then snapped it in place and flipped it on. is this right. or wrong, looks like it would be right .

Mrwood 10-22-2005 06:52 PM

need some help
Why dont you just call in some pro help, before you do further damage. Im like you i try to do everything myself if i can, but i think you need to have someone check out your wiring, its not worth the risk to your shop, or you. Please dont take me wrong, im not cutting you down.

Henry Highrise 10-22-2005 07:13 PM

My thinking is the green wire should go to a grounding bar in the switch box, they usually have bare wires and the white neutrals from the 110 circuits in them as well as the ground for the 220 (Green) If you have a double breaker 220 then you did right with the back and the white going to it.

streetrodder31 10-22-2005 07:51 PM

Then what would you think it would be.
What do you think there highrise, the weird thing why won't it just start right up. we checked the wireing again and all is leading to right but when we turn the switch to auto on, not a thing. i give up, do you think the switch would be bad on the compressor, i can't believe it would be since it has never be used, heck i can't even use it. what a crappy deal.well if you guys have any other ideas throw them to me. i would be happy to hear your advice, i think even the pros would be scratching there heads to.

oldred 10-22-2005 08:00 PM

First off you need to get someone qualified to do this to look at it but if you are getting power to the motor then it sounds like 110 volts. If you can not find someone then at least get a volt meter and check it with that. I strongly recommend getting some help as this is not something to monkey around with if you don't understand it since you could cause damage and it is just plain dangerous.

zimaad 10-22-2005 08:36 PM

Well, one thing you definately don't want to do is wire things up wrong and fry something in your house. First off, are you sure the 100A panel is wired correctly? How long is the run to the new box, what type/size cable is used and how many wires are there in that run? Is it an attached or detached garage? What size/type breaker is in the main panel?

Are you sure you are hooked up correctly from the 100A panel to the compressor. Should be two hots and a ground. How long is the run to the compressor? What size wire from 100A to compressor? Make sure the right connections are made in the compressor box. On mine, there are two poles to the pump/motor and two from the breaker, then the ground. Make sure these are according to the manual.

oldred 10-22-2005 08:57 PM

Zimaad, EVERTHING you asked needs to be considered and that is why a qualified person needs to check this thing. Heck a lot of people probably would not know how to do this right and enlisting the help of a pro makes a lot more sense than damaging the equipment/wiring or worse yet getting hurt. I mean this is 220 we are talking about it will melt wires big time and could knock the crap out of someone if they get careless.

zimaad 10-22-2005 09:12 PM

I have to agree with oldred on this one. I recently did a bit of electrical work at my house putting in a run to my detached garage. I had the help of a friend who is an electricians apprentice right now and he had his boss check our plans out before hand. Should wires get crossed in either run, or have wrong type or size of wires, it can turn into a big accident!! Afterall, that's why there are codes to follow, not to be a pain, but to be safe.

streetrodder31 10-22-2005 10:12 PM

found the problem Yeah!!
Hey you that responded to this thread, I want to thank you for takeing time to be worried about others, it makes me feel good that there are good people out there, i have found the stressed out problem. My neighbor happened to be out side and he is an electrician, he came over and looked at my new panel box and all that we had done, i showed him the compressor and he looked it all over and found nothing wrong with it. went over to the panel box and he pulled the double breaker out and said shut the main off now. when i got back he showed me what was up with it. when my father in law put the breaker in it was only on a 110 leg instead of the 220 leg. when he moved the breaker down one spot, i turned the power on and walked over to the compressor and he said what are waiting for turn it on. AND LOWELL BE HOLD IT STARTED UP!!!!! Yeah i jumped up and down and ran around in circles, he thought i was kinda nuts, i told him i am glad you live close to me. well the sad story ended with a lot of hot air. LOL!!!! thanks for everyone that helped me scratch my head and got my morale up. THANK YOU ALL !!!!! :) :drool: :thumbup: :cool:

bigun 10-23-2005 12:45 AM

Believe or not as an electrical contractor I have been known to accidently do this. Generaly it is with GE panels and the half size 220 volt breakers they make. Glad you got it sorted out

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