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Originally Posted by cobalt327 View Post
For someone who was injured a while back, you sure get a lot done. Makes me kind of embarrassed! lol

Not speaking for TI but you can use 1/8 turn on flat tappet hydraulic lifters.

A page he wrote is here. Not sure how it happened but there's another one here. Chances are the second article was added w/o knowledge there was one already started.

Adjusting the valves w/the engine running is also a very good, foolproof way to do it, but they have to be adjusted at least close enough that the engine will run w/o popping through the carb or backfiring, etc.

Adjusting valves w/the engine running leaves no doubt when there is clearance and when zero lash is reached- the sounds are unmistakeable. Only thing about doing it w/the engine running is it can be messy. To help w/the oil spraying/splashing around, an old valve cover can be modified by cutting the top out of it (see below, photo from member Double_v23). This keeps most of the oil where it belongs. There are also small clips sold to clip onto stamped steel (stock type) rockers that deflect the oil, but those alone can still let oil splash around some. Using both should stop 90% of it, though.

Lol, I try my very best to do everything I can. I have old computer chairs in the garage so I can roll around. I had my garage built to accomodate me with my condition, not to mention I use a cane where ever I go unless it's the rod runs, car shows etc.... then I use my scooter. My passion has always been older Chevy's and as long as I can possibly figure a way, I will be doing all I can with them. For instance, I use my cherry picker to not only pull motors but, change heads, BBC cast intakes and some SBC cast ones, radiators etc... Enough about me, lol, but thank you. What is the benefit of going an 1/8th of a turn opposed to say 1/4 or a 1/2? My Dad used to go no more than a half a turn, he said the less you can get by with and still open the valves with little to no noise the better as your motor is alot free'er, revs faster which in turn, get's you down the track quicker. He actually show'ed me when I was probably 12- 13yrs. old. He let me adjust the valves the way the manual called for and my Auto Mechanics teacher in school was teaching us, let me rev it and drive it, then he adjusted them with me watching and sure enough, the motor seemed happier and reved alot quicker. I go by feel to zero lash and depending on the motor, fresh or high miles, go 1/4 to 1/2 a turn. Thanks for the link to Tech's write up.
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