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Aberium 01-29-2004 11:48 AM

needing some help please - engine swap
I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some info on changing a motor. I have a 64 Ford Falcon that has a 302 in it right now. My Dad use to have a 302 HO in it though I was wondering If anyone knew of a breakdown in the steps to change these motors. Like I said the HO was in there before dad put the 69 model 302 in it so I was thinking it should change out pretty easy I just don't have a lot of wrench expierence. So if anyone knows of a site or any info about the steps to change these out I would really be thankful. Thank You

tm454 01-29-2004 01:15 PM

302 swap
There are many Ford guys here who might lend the benifit of their experience since you asked so nicely. Just curious, why don't you get your Dad to walk you through this?


Rat Rods Rule!

Centerline 01-29-2004 06:12 PM

I'm not a Ford guy but I believe the differences between a 302 and an 302 HO are 99% internal. If I'm wrong I'm sure one of the Ford guys will straighten me out but as far as I know the HO engine should be a bolt in replacement with literally no modifications whatsoever.


KULTULZ 01-29-2004 07:39 PM

I am assuming that what you have in there now is an early 302? And you want to upgrade to a later 5.0L (carb or FI)?

It should slip right in. There were no major changes between the years. The only problem that you might run across is there being no mounting hole for the clutch bar on the later 5.0 but there is a kit to remedy that.

If this didn't help or answer your question, hit me up again... :D

Aberium 01-29-2004 07:59 PM

I would ask my Dad but he past away about 6 months ago that's why it is important for me to change it back the way he liked it. I would hire someone but I feel this would be disrespectful to my father. I know he would want me to do it myself and get some wrench time in.

lluciano77 01-29-2004 08:12 PM

I have done that swap. I have a 5.0 (that is the H.O.) in my '61 Ranchero.

You need a 50 oz flywheel and balancer.

The oil pan must match the timing cover, ( the early pans had the dipstick in the timing cover, in the later years it goes through the block). Also, your oil pump pickup must match the oil pan you will use. Watch out for the late model timing cover that doesn't have a fuel pump boss, unless you will be using an electric pump.

Make sure you have valvesprings that will handle the roller cam.

It is going to be a tight squeeze getting the engine in and out of the car. I highly recommend taking the engine/tranny combo out in one piece.

You may have to take out the standard transmission pilot bearing in the back of the crankshaft.

I used Hedman headers from a Maverick. It is very tight, but the 1 5/8" ones will fit. They are pretty cheap too.

I also used an 8" rear from a Maverick. It is 1/2" narrower on either side. It will help make room for bigger wheels.

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