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Abomination 03-21-2007 07:16 AM

New 318 Poly Roller Rockers!!
I began emailing Big Daddy Don at Racer Brown a while back to see if I could get 'em to make roller rockers for my beloved 318 Poly.. I got a response yesterday and thought I'd pass it on.

Yeah, yeah, I know - they're expensive, but they're cool. And all Don needs is 10 guys to pre-order to get things rolling. Here's the email I got (below). You can order directly from him if you're interested... I'm not even marking them up or acting like it was all my idea or anything, or even making a profit off of 'em - my goal here was just to make the best roller rockers for the Poly a reality (and they are ******). If you want 'em, you can go directly to Don and he'll fix you up.

Here's that email (below):


"Gary and I looked at it and decided it could be done.

It will take a huge investment in programming time and we don't mind making
the investment as long as we have guaranteed sales to cover the initial
set-up and tooling costs.

To set-up and run 10 sets will cost $800 per set, including Smith Brothers

Check with your community and see if there's 10 guy's willing to place an
order with a 50% deposit, we will accept orders August 1st with a projected
delivery within 90 days if we don't run into any snags along the way. We'll
start the project as soon as all orders are received.

Future orders will require a 30 day lead time.

FBO Systems
Ship to: 1950 N. Douglas Street
Mail to: PO Box 699
Cottage Grove Oregon
New Phone: 541-942-5920
Skype Computor Phone:+1503-626-3267 "

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