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New Air Compressor

Please help me pick out my new air compressor.

I'm in desperate need to upgrade my air compressor. I had a 60 gallon singe-stage until three years ago. I thought I wanted something portable that could run on 110, so I bought a Craftsman 30 gallon 5HP oiless. I hate it! It's so loud you can't talk in the garage when it's running. It takes forever to fill the tank, and it doesn't begin to put out the CFM I need.

The hungriest tool I have is a small blasting cabinet. LINK. I do not use it a lot. But when I do, I can only use it for a few minutes and then wait for the compressor to catch up.

I also use a traditional spray gun to paint with, not a HVLP gun. When painting my trailer it ran constantly.

My most common use is an impact gun, air ratchet, and 1/4" die grinders.

I have two main goals in this upgrade. I need a lot more CFMs and it has to be a LOT quieter.

I'm debating between a single-stage or a 2-stage. I like the higher pressure of the 2-stage for my impact gun. However, the IR single-stage actually puts out quite a bit more CFM than the two 2-stage models. It's pump also turns fewer RPMs. It should run less and be quieter to boot. This particular model seems to put out significantly more CFMs than any other single-stage I've looked out, making it a particular bargain. And also confusing my decision making. I thought I really wanted a 2-stage going into this but am not so sure after finding this IR single-stage. I'd appreciate your advise on this matter.

Here's the compressors I'm looking at.
1. Ingersoll Rand 5 HP, single-stage, 80 gallon, 18.1CFM@90psi, 135psi max, pump speed 1000 RPM, $800
2. Ingersoll Rand 5 HP, 2-stage, 80 gallon, 15.8CFM@90psi, 175 max psi, pump speed 1375 RPM, $1130
3. US General (Harbor Freight) 5 HP, 2-stage, 60 gallon, 15.8CFM@90psi, 165psi max, $829 new, $729 refurb
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