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Originally Posted by Pupsvette76 View Post
I would like to invest in a set of heads just can't afford them at the moment so I'm trying to work with what I got until I can buy them but I will try more time and/or more boost and see where that puts me
you have to watch how much boost and timing you add on pump gas.
Detonation must be avoided or the engine will come unglued in seconds.

Some of the 76cc stock heads are not too bad once fully ported.
some are not even worth the time or effort.

ID the heads you got by casting number and i can advise on their power potential once ported
or weather a head swap to a better head is a better choice.
Of the stock 76cc chevy heads there are a few desirable ones that work pretty good once ported.
And a few stinkers that are best avoided.

If you want to add boost i would get a water-methanol injection system.
They are very effective. Or run higher octane gas.

Good gas is cheap compared to replaceing busted melted pistons.
If this motor has stock cast pistons it won't take much abuse.

Fuel octane and or charge air cooling ( weather its water injection or a intercooler) is your friend.

Remember add ing more boost to a very restrictive engine ( poor heads/exhaust) does not add much power/but braings the engine much closer to the detonation limit, requiring further ignition retard.

The higher the boost the hotter the charge air the more severe the detonation shock too.
Not comparaable to the engine knock on a stock vehicle that usually does not bust parts.
Detonation under boost is much more severe and eats engine parts fast.

Does this turbo motor have stock exhaust manifolds?

Once you improve the heads port flow you get a lot more go for 5psi boost cause it is actually going into the motor
to make power and the turbo speeds up as a result.
once you get the charge air temp under control you can safely crank up the boost and timing and make huge power.
Do a google search for water methanol injection.
There are many effective systems to choose from.

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