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fcastro 09-17-2007 12:12 AM

New to the Compressor World Few Questions Was Wondering About
Hi all,

Well recently I got a Craftsman 2 hp Vertical Portable Tank Air Compressor, 33 gal. Mostly so I could start using power tools on the car to help with the ailing back ;) Maybe even some sandblasting of parts etc.

Anyways the compressor came with so few details (typical craftsman) I was wondering about a few things.

1. I started to use the blow gun in order to blow out dust from one of my engine compartments and started to notice a bit of water coming out along with the air. I also recall awhile back when I had my car painted that the guy mentioned something about paint guns needing some sort of filter to prevent moisture from mixing with the air. Question is do they sell some sort of adapter that can cause the moisture to not mix with the air?

2. After each session I open up the valve on the bottom of my tank to let the air out and not have the tank build up moisture but I am not sure if I should just leave the valve open or close it after all the air has left the tank.

Well thanks in advance! :welcome:

boss68 09-17-2007 12:33 AM

Sounds like a water separator would be a good investment, especially for painting. They come in a variety of sizes and prices and will fit on the compressor's outlet or most likely in the air line.
I believe draining only as much air as necessary to remove moisture and leaving the remaining air in the tank may help as it will be spending less time compressing air and condensing the moisture.
Some of the auto body pro's here will likely give you some input on this.

Kevin45 09-17-2007 02:10 AM

Yep. Get a water seperator, you can also get small filters that go on the end of the hose or the connector of the gun, but with a 2 horse compressor and power tools, this thing is going to run constantly. And when it does, expect water. A compressor running creates heat, and with heat comes moisture, so you need a water trap, etc. There are many articles in the site talking about this and the proper way to setup your compressor lines.


oldred 09-17-2007 06:22 AM

In order to completely remove the water on that little compressor you will need more than just a water separator attached to the tank. Like Kevin said that small outfit is going to run almost constantly and because of this the air will get really hot which tends to keep the water from condensing in the tank and it will end up being expelled with the air, most of it anyway. A water separator is a MUST have but you can not attach it to the compressor tank outlet because the air is still too hot at this point for the separator to work, it may catch a small amount of water if located on the tank but not enough to make a real difference. Since this is to be a portable outfit you probably will not want to build a metal line air system so you will need to rig up an air cooler of some type to cool the air before it reaches the separator. This can be something as simple as running the air through a coil of hose placed in a tank of cold water or using something like an A/C evaporator core with a fan attached. Using an A/C core has been discussed some here in the past and although no one has gone into detail about a specific set-up it is fairly simple to do just make SURE!! that EVERY part is tested and/or rated for the pressure. Do a search on "Compressor" and you will probably find a lot of answers as this water problem has been covered in detail quite a few times here. Also Boss is right about draining that thing- do not completely drain all the pressure from the tank, there is absolutely no benefit from doing so and it will only add unnecessary wear on the pump/motor (however do drain the water regularly). Draining the tank of pressure often on a larger tank can shorten it's service life and cause premature tank failure due to excessive expansion and contraction but while that may not be much of a problem on a small tank like that 33 gal the pump/motor wear would be a concern.

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