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Originally Posted by deadbodyman View Post
Heres another tip: dont remove the hinges from the door or the pillar...dont put the jack on the lip ,you'll bend it...and use a 2x4 on the door bottom to put the jack under...Before you start jack up the door a little higher Theres no need to remove the the hinge...most pins have two little ears that need to be ground off so they can be pulled out but most times you can cut them in half with a die grinder and be pulled out much easier and faster,once the pin is out lower the door to gain more access to the bushings....rebuild the hinges one at a time, the top hinge first ,then the bottom...all while the door is on the car...It's not uncommon for a door not to fit properly when your done because the door has been bouncing up and down which bends the door slightly where the hinges mount.(it dont take much to throw the door off a bunch at the other end where the striker is) first you remove the striker then jack up the door to bend it back where it was ,do this a little at a time you dont want to over bend it, if you do you can push it back down using your body weight ....doing it this way you shouldnt ever have to loosen any bolts...
keep this in mind the bolts on the door side only make the door go in and out...its possible,by adding shims to the bottom make it go up and adding shims to the top will make it go down...which is fine for an amiture but pros wont add shims they'll get the up and down adjustment at the pillar where you can raise the whole door up or down or anywhere in get to the pillar bolts you'll need a special (obstruction) wrench or remove the fender....those of us that do a lot of these dont touch the bolts at all ...try it this way on the other side and you should be done in 30 minutes to an hour...
I just want to make clear that it also goes up and down here, straight up or straight down and in and out as DBM said. It also goes up and down at the hinge to cowl but it will do that as well at door the to hinge.

And I am with you Mike (DBM) there is NO need to put a jack under a door. I don't think I have done that more than a few times and only in some bizarre situation. Under normal alignments you don't need to do that and shouldn't as Mike pointed out.

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