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Originally Posted by david-b View Post
Thanks for the responses!

Made it out to the garage last night to do some motor work but gave the door a whirl again. I tried the bolts on the door side to try to angle the door back up some with no luck. Thing would not move at all in the direction. It's still about a 1/4" low at the back. The front is matched up nearly perfectly still. Since it is such a little amount I was going to try to do the bend, but as soon as I started, I stopped and decided that I don't like that idea at all. As said above, should be able to get there using the bolts and no bending, because who knows what you're actually bending. Want to do this right!

So I think I'm going to pull the fender probably this weekend and try the cowl bolts for that final adjustment.

Then I'll try the other door with everything still on. Really feel I'm going to struggle on that but lots of good tips from everyone.

Hinges are on the top on this Monte. Realizing while working on this, the specific car doesn't follow a lot of the "standards" that other cars follow.

If the door is low at the back, look at the gap from quarter to door, if the gap is tighter at the top than you want it, then move the upper door hinge forward on the cowl to raise the back and widen that upper gap. If the gap is ok at the top and too wide at the bottom then move the lower hinge back on the cowl to raise back of the door and narrow the gap at the bottom to the quarter.

You have to REALLY be careful if you are doing all this with the striker installed. The striker could be pulling the door down, even though it's aligned properly. The trick to this is to get down at the same height as the top of the door, on your knees is good, right at the back of the door so you are looking straight at the rear of the door at the quarter. Bring the door to where the latch touches the striker but don't latch it. Carefully push the door so the latch starts to latch on the striker while you are staring at that top edge of the door to quarter, slowly push the door in and see if the door drops or raises as the latch catches the striker. A TINY bit high or low on the striker will make a heck of a difference as it pulls the door up or down.

If you are "shutting" the door normally, or even carefully but without EXAMINING that door at the quarter as I just described the door could very well be aligned perfect and it is simply being pulled down or up by the striker. It is very subtle and the rocking motion of the latch camouflages it. Unless you are VERY diligent about staring right at that door and quarter edge you may be missing that the door is being pushed down or up by the striker.

You want to eliminate that COMPLETELY the door should swing shut without it moving up or down at all.

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