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toykilla 04-25-2005 11:10 AM

New Here - Paint Questions...
Well I ran across this site while researching automotive painting and after poking around found this place has a ton of useful information. I will be doing alot of custom work on my car over the next few months and feel like doing the paint work myself. I have done small custom parts and used spray can paint with success in achieving a great finish (required alot of sanding/buffing)

For the bigger projects I plan on doing, i will definitely need a spray gun. After poking around this site i ran across a few options. I would like to get a lower priced gun to start with, and if needed upgrade later. I wanted to get comments on these two guns specifically:

I need to lay down primer, base, and clear so i was thinking the 3 gun kit may better suite my needs.

My second question is regarding body work. I have a spoiler that i want to "mold" into the trunk. What is the best way to do this? it bolts down, so should i just fill the gap with bondo and sand smooth? Should i use some type of adhesive (epoxy?) to permanently mount it?

Any suggestions would be great!

VWFan 04-25-2005 11:56 AM

I have heard a lot of good reviews on the HF gun, but I have no personal experince... I bought the Titan 3 gun set and I think it has worked really well for the price! If you are only planning on a few paint jobs I think it is a good set up. I can't speak on how long they last as I have only had mine for a few months... For the price they are good hobbiest guns and give you a gun for primer, touch-up, and bc/cc, and they are NEW.

I'm no body pro, but for the spoiler I would say use the bolts that are already there and then fill the gaps with some fiberglass filler. Make sure you sand all the way down to the steel before using the filler to make sure it sticks. The fiberglass is a little tougher than the regular plastic filler. Then after you sand down the fiberglass you can fix the minor imperfections with plastic filler, then just sand, prime, and paint.

Maybe some pros will chime in...

Good luck!

Bee4Me 04-25-2005 10:28 PM

Use some DynaGlass short fiberglass strand filler to start with.
A good 80gt. sanding of the area your applying it to.
Use a cheese grater body file to conture the filler before it hardens.
Sand you get it looking the way you want.
A smooth layer of Evercoat Easy Sand finish putty.
Block out till straight.
A complete final skim coat of Easy sand. (See FAQ above on this.)
2K primer,block.

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