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Originally Posted by TucsonJay View Post
It should tell "WHAT YOU DO"...

Should be "EASY TO REMEMBER"... so they can recall it six months after they hear the name...

and in a time of the internet (and people who learn to spell from their friend's "texting language") ... "MUST BE EASY TO SPELL"!

If they can't connect the name to your services... or remember and spell the business name... it really doesn't matter what you choose.

As an example... the name I chose is "". Simple... easy to remember... and to spell.
You are correct easy to spell and easy to remember. That is my point, when we are artists, we get to artsy and forget the most important part about the name and the sign, WHAT DO YOU DO? You want everything in your business to be as easy as possible for your customer to come and give you money. That is what a business is all about, you open it up so people can come and give you money. You don't want them to have to jump thru hoops to do it. This comes all the way down to how easy the front door is to find and how easy it is to park (is there some employees car parked across too places?) you want it as easy as possible for people to come and give you money, that is the point.

I know a guy who is one of the most spectacular custom painters ever. He really does some spectacular work as you do. He had a very artsy name and "logo" he used that you couldn't even read! I am not kidding, I knew what he did and had no idea what the logo meant. After a few good years in business he was struggling when the economy hit the skids a in the early 2000's he was struggling but got hooked up with a company that helped him get straightened out. The first thing they did was to get rid of the goofy font and logo, they followed the basic rule that I had learned (this isn't out of my head, but make sense) and suggested he make the sign easy to read and forget the logo. His "logo" IS his name! It is very easy to read and catchy (slightly unusual) and it includes "custom paint". That help he got (more than just the name) with marketing has worked pretty well I have to assume he is still around years later and shows up at events with a display of his beautiful work to gather up business.

He has made it easier for people to come and give him money.

Hotrod1979, I am sorry you are getting these posts on business, such as in any discussion at a party or garage full of guys you are going to get different opinions and issues around the basic topic. I personally can't imagine never having been in Europe what would be a good name for a hotrod shop and have to assume things could be very different there and getting ideas from a dude in Kentucky or California may not be the best idea for you. But Dinger did offer up some great ideas from our side of the pond.

I still think that "Sjoerd's Customs" would do it if that is an understood (pronunciation wise) .


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