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Edit- Jester, I didn't see your post while I was typing mine. Not here to argue w/you. Just stating the facts as I know them. Nothing more for me to say on the subject.[/QUOTE]

No problem Cobalt Nothing wrong with either of our posts!!!! Just different procedures.

Mouse already stated to turn over the engine by hand to compress lifter to its proper plunger installation position if it was pre filled!

I don't suggest pumping up lifters before installation because: if 1 or 2 lifters out of 8 are filled to capacity with a preload and valves are closed on the heal of the cam and the engine is started for initial break in and is at 2500 rpm the lifter has no time to bleed down to operating position and valves are momentarily off their seats on just off the heal of the cam lobe untill they bleed off to normal operating position! and then clatter. If the engine sets for a period of time before starting lifters will bleed down. different lifters have different bleed rates!

Cobalt: you already know the rest of this. but some on here don't


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To anyone interested:

Most trained builders install lifters with proper lubrication and adjusted then oil prime the fresh engine while turning crank by hand, untill you see all rocker arms flowing oil so all lifters are full with spring pressure. Then readjusted before initial start up! and then adjust again after break in.

I do my initial adjustment on lifters while the intake is off on a fresh Chevy build by watching the plunger and lock ring on the lifter. at the point the plunger just moves away from the lock ring I give it 1/4 turn on stock lifters. I finish assembly and prime eng. I then run break in, for cam about 45 min. at 2000 to 2500 rpm after cam break in I run new valve spring break in ( heat seat the springs) about 5 to 8 hrs. Some new springs are already broke in ( ask for tech sheet) Then I do final valve adjustments hot! I then do highway break in and adjust valves one more time.

Chevy engines are very forgiving when installing pre filled lifters, damage is very rare but Ford side oilers or Chrysler RB engines etc. are not (damage can be caused!)

Most people and many mechanics don't know that Hyd. lifters bleed down after shut off the only reason they don't make noise is because there is no air pocket ( because of preload) it still has an oil cushion with spring pressure to keep contact till they reach their pumped up normal hight after oil pressure comes up! Fords and RB Chry.s, ETC have a pre load at lifter bottom out (complete bleed down) ( lifter compressed ) thus these engines are not as forgiving. Rhoads, anti pump ups etc are a different story and a different thread.

Thats how I was taught and have used for 50 years if I'm behind the times This old dog only has a few years left to learn LOL If my old ways can cause any damage let me know with something to back you up, if not let me lay!! LOL

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