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nervekiler 10-05-2006 01:30 PM

new, lookin to buy. 1948 chev pu?
hey guys im new to the hotrod thing but jeez i love the style and everything about it.
so ive been looking locally for older cars i can buy and came across a 1948 chev pickup.

just wondering if this is a good rig to start hotrodding on?
its got a chevy 350 and 400transmission
73 camaro subframe.

the windows are all plexi and rattle like crazy.. one of the windsheild windows is cracked.
the front shocks are shot it needs new ones.
doesnt have any door handles he uses a pair of vise grips.

anyways just wondering shoudl i go ahead and sell my 95 camaro to buy this hotrod for $4500 or shoudl i just keep looking?

how hard would it be to find parts for this rig? like the glass and the window levers.

heres teh ad

what do you think should i go for it or keep looking?

i dont have time to do an engine swap which is what makes this one so appealing its already got the drivetrain i woudl want.

poncho62 10-05-2006 03:13 PM

Welcome...those old trucks make great rods...I have a 51 Ford set up the same way as that Chevy. Most of the stuff you describe that is wrong are minor repairs...........Just the same, $4500 seems a little my books anyways.

home brew 10-05-2006 05:12 PM

Welcome to the site nervekiler. :welcome: I had a 51 a few years back with a 350/400 combo. These AD pickups as they are known (Advanced Design) make great rods. Everything is available for them from minor trim to the big stuff. Lots of aftermarket stuff for hot rodding as well. If you like the truck and it is everything you want then $4500 is an OK price. I think you can get a little better truck for less and a whole lot better truck for a little bit more. I don't think from the looks of that truck I would be selling my daily driver (Camaro) before I put quite a few miles on it and checked it out from the bottom up.

There are several members building AD pickups, suburbans and panels on this site. Check out the Project Journals section of the site for the members builds. As well use the Knowledge Base and the search function for quick answers to your questions. Here are a few links I have collected over the years:

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gearhead grampa 10-06-2006 12:07 PM

re: new looking to buy '48 PU
first of all welcome. In regards to selling the camero and buying PU best do as Home Brew stated and wait with selling daily driver until bugs are worked out of rod first.
a good source for parts would be

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