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New Member - 1st Post - New to Hotrodding - 1st Hotrod

Hi All,

I've been searching for a great forum to join for hotrodding and building up cars. From what I've seen so far, this site is great and all of the users seem to be extremely helpful. So I decided to join.

Let me start off by saying that I love muscle cars and hotrods and have for quite some time now. I have been only dreaming about owning / building one, one day. Lucky me, one fell into my lap recently, and I couldn't refuse. I'm a mechanical engineer with decent mechanical skills, or I would like to think so, but have not done much work on cars. I have zero experience with body work, welding and painting. I don't really plan on doing any of those, any time soon. I don't have a welder or compressor and don't really plan on taking up welding and especially not painting.

The car I acquired is a 67 camaro, no motor, no trans. My first request, for those willing, is an estimate as to how much you might think it would go for. I understand it's worth what someone is willing to pay, but I just want to see if I really got a good deal.

I have millions of questions, that I'm sure most of you can answer, but I'll keep it to a minimum. I'm mostly interested in WHERE TO START?? I plan on cleaning it up, removing all dirt and junk, and remove the few spare parts that are still on the body. Then I'm considering taking the front subframe off and stripping it to the metal with a DA sander. Can anyone recommend a good budget sander?? I'll then slap a few coats of POR15 on the entire subframe. However, I don't want to waste my time. Can anyone tell from the pics if it's even necessary or worthwhile??

Most of my other questions deal with the unibody and stopping / controlling any rust. Overall it's very clean, but there are a bunch of scratches and rust spots forming under the 2 separate layers of paint. I don't know how to stop or control it now, considering that I will not be painting it ever, and I won't be sending it out for paint any time soon. Is it against the rules to use spray paint primer to protect bare metal from rusting?? Basically, I don't know how to clean up all the rust and keep it that way til real paint.

I could just use some direction as to where to start, what to do and how to do it. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. I plan on turning it into a mostly stock looking street rod.

67 Camaro Pics

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