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crazy larry 06-15-2005 01:10 PM

New MIG welder time.
It's getting down to time to get my new mig welder. The cheapest i've found has been this outfit on ebay, I got my o/a torches from them and had no problems, so i feel comfortable buying this from them, just a matter of which one.
If it were you, what would you get?

the Hobart
the Miller
the Lincoln

crazy larry 06-15-2005 01:22 PM

dang. then i found this. combo panasonic

and the top of the line esab is as cheap as the lincoln..... :confused: :smash:

302 Z28 06-15-2005 01:46 PM

I would be a little leary of a Panasonic welder. I do not have much respect for Panasonic electronics.

I bought my Millermatic 175 off the net from Cyberweld. They shipped real fast and it arrived in perfect condition with everything promised.


OneMoreTime 06-15-2005 02:30 PM

But then I like Miller may wish to check the price on the Miller 251 as it will weld some thicker sections and that is nice to have..

And that is a decent price for that machine..Check on shipping and handling costs tho..I would.. :welcome:


Rob Keller 06-15-2005 02:57 PM

i voted miller
i have a old miller 200 no electronics that is very important to me plus i think miller makes the best products and i see them used the most
i bought mine 8 years ago for $800. all to gether ive got about $1200.with all the acc.
i also think even though the welder plasma cutter would be cool it would be like the tv/vcr/dvd player if one goes the whole thing is broke
dont get me wrong a plasma cutter is a awesome tool
good luck with what ever you choose

sr66 :thumbup:

oldred 06-15-2005 03:12 PM

Panasonic-- :nono:

Rob Keller 06-15-2005 03:38 PM

ooooooohhhh what do you know WE dont ....? come on give it up :cool:

sr66 :thumbup:

crazy larry 06-15-2005 06:31 PM

free shipping with that seller. :thumbup: panasonic is out. :smash:

Fast Orange 06-15-2005 08:46 PM

At my job,I've got two Lincoln machines,both of which have proven to be good,solid,reliable equiptment.The older of the two is a 15 year old mig welder that is shown no mercy.I know that I've exceded the duty cycle rating many,many times,I often am grinding and covering the machine with grinding dust,in general doing all the things the manual says not to do.Believe it or not,machine has only had to be repaired once,for a burnt secondary wire at the connection to the transformer-and this is the digital controlled model with all the electronics.
The other machine is a 55 amp plasma cutter that about 5 years old,and while I don't use it as much(or abuse it as much) it hasn't given me any trouble either.
The main thing I would consider is if you can get all the little consumables locally(tips,liners,nozzles,etc).Theres nothing worse than finding out you're out of .035 tips on top of being p*****dbecause you just welded oneinto your project,then not being to get more for a week. :smash:
Good Luck,George :cool:

crazy larry 06-15-2005 09:02 PM

well well..... looky what i found..... if it works, it's the cheapest i've seen.....
:sweat: and i even have enough money left to buy a couple of trailer axles.... :thumbup:

damn impulse buys. :mwink: see ya'll in a few, i gotta go tell the missus. :spank:

Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it. :pimp:

gcrmcc 06-15-2005 09:57 PM

I have voted other. My first welder was a Century 295 amp A/C 220 volt that I bought in 1974. My second welder I bought in 1992 was a Century 85 amp mig, 110 volt. Had the 295 amp welder until 1987 and sold it to buy an A/C-D/C 230/140 amp welder so I could TIG mild steel on D/C and that was also a Century brand. In 2001 I sold my 85 amp MIG and bought a Century GS170, 220 volt MIG. I also bought a used like new Century high frequency arc stabilizer on ebay last year that works great for welding aluminum on my A/C-D/C welder. I have used millers and lincolns at the few good jobs I have had and the Century welders weld just fine and I have not had a problem with any of the 4 I owned. I know alot of people will tell others the Century welders are not good welders but I like them just fine. My GS170 MIG and AC/DC arc welder are used almost daily and yes I have used and abused them and went way over duty cycle time and still haven't killed any of them. I am looking at the new Century 250amp MIG, I might buy it in the next six months or so. Does any one else use Centuries on this forum? I think I know of only 3 other people on the forum that uses them.

crazy larry 06-16-2005 02:53 PM

my forst welder was a century made craftsman, and the first mig welder i ever used, was also made by century, but for snap-on. I wasn't to impressed with my little craftsman, it just wasn't up to par.

gcrmcc 06-16-2005 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by crazy larry
my forst welder was a century made craftsman, and the first mig welder i ever used, was also made by century, but for snap-on. I wasn't to impressed with my little craftsman, it just wasn't up to par.

Crazy Larry, what was the amps of the craftsman welder and was it MIG or arc? Just curious

crazy larry 06-16-2005 05:03 PM

5-170 amp, 110 volt 25 amp circuit, MIG.

key words, 110 volt

killerformula 06-16-2005 07:10 PM

i agree. You'd probably draw fewer amps with a 220 line, but 110 is really nice because of the portability.


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