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Talking New to this site, introduction

Hey! My name's Chris and I just joined this site. I came across this site when searching for information on custom interiors. BTW i'm 16 and live in Massachusetts. Right now my car is a 97 Cadillac Catera (not really my car, but my dad got a new car and gave me the Caddy to fix, the engine wasnt running well, and when I get my own car we will sell it).
I'm not exactly sure what car I want to buy. I've gone through 'stages' of loving 5.0 Mustangs, third generation f-bodies, fourth generation f-bodies, fourth geneartion Monte Carlo SS's, Buick Grand Nationals/T-types, C4 and C3 Corvettes, even a little stage where I wanted a BMW 325is coupe! lol
A few problems though....i've got no job. I've been trying my hardest to get a job detailing cars...tried the dealerships, tried the detailing places, tried everywhere. Cant really find any other job either. Right now I have just under 2,500 saved up for a car....
by selling my goped, nitro R/C truck, and eBaying off some old stuff that I 'took in' from my grandparents old house in Brooklyn NY before they sold it and threw most of the stuff away....pretty much antique plates and silverware, as well as glasses, lamps, etc..
Anyway, by selling all that crap, i'll probably be a little over the 3k mark. Assuming I get a job in the next month or two, by the end of this summer I should have 4 or 5k avalable. What I'm looking for is a project car that me and my dad can work on over the winter. I'm dying to paint my own car, do my own interior work, do my own engine work....pretty much completly build up the car myself and with my dad. takes $, but i dont think it would take TOO much if i shop for the right stuff for my situation....
Also looking for something that will put down a mid/low 13 second timeslip for the quarter mile...12's would be nice.
I'm currently trying to find out if its likely that i'd be able to buy an early C4 Corvette coupe (cant STAND convertables) in rough shape....i wouldnt mind no interior or engine....for under 1500 or so. That would be my first choice. What can you guys recomend?
Want something that looks mean/agressive, has the posibility of handling quite well as well as being fast, insurance isnt TOO bad (My dad would be willing to have it in his name with me as a secondary driver), and is fairly easy to work on. That pretty much rules out even LT1 fourth generation f-bodies cause the engine is tucked so far
So what can you guys suggest? (No, I no longer am interested in the bimmer, lol)
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