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Jon 03-12-2005 06:57 AM

new spyware affects all Windows users
Happy Saturday Morning :).

This is a new virus/spyware program that can affect users of most any browser on a Microsoft Windows operating system.


Some useful citizen has created an installer that will nail IE with spyware, even if a surfer is using Firefox (or another alternative browser) or has blocked access to the malicious site in IE beforehand. The technique allows a raft of spyware to be served up to Windows users in spite of any security measures that might be in place.
Full article is here:

This site is always useful:

This one too:

Many people are already surfing with infected computers. Sometimes I will get emails or PM's from people who tell me to "stop putting so many popups on your site", or "I'm sick of seeing porn on your site".

If you see popup ads on this site, your computer is probably infected. In fact, our board contains ZERO advertising. If you see ads or porn on this board, then you're probably infected.

Switching browsers is turning out to not be a good defense against spyware and viruses. Microsoft Windows is so full of holes that it doesn't really matter what browser you use.

Here is an interesting quote from a webmaster site today:


Switching to Firefox helps a little because you make things a bit harder, but it is like putting a stronger padlock on a safe made out of chocolate. If you want truly better security, look at alternative operating systems, not just alternative browsers.

Frisco 03-12-2005 07:19 AM

I have used Zonealarm Pro (this is a Firewall program) for several years and so far have not have any intrusions. I also switched from Norton AntiVirus to NOD32 offered by a company named eSet. I had used Norton for over nine years and until version 4.0 I liked it fine. That version would not install correctly and after three months of correspondence with some tech that was in India, I read about the NOD32 program and used their FREE trial version. It immediately found a possible Trojan on my system that Symantec and several other virus programs did NOT find. After ten days of the 30 day free trial I purchased the program from eSet and love it. It automatically updates the latest virus definitions daily and installs them. It can do a full scan in five minutes versus Nortons of about thirty minutes.

I get no Pop-ups here. :D

RCastle 03-12-2005 07:44 AM

I am lucky to have a brother who understands these things. He works in R&D lab for GE and has extensive training on these things. He comes over once a week and sits here doing all kinds of things. He yells at me and my wife alot for having to remove things though. Oh well,it is worth it. My sisters computer froze up and he told her to put it back in the box it came in. She asked if it was that bad. He replied,Yes,you and your husband are to stupid to own this thing. Gotta love a wise guy.

CrashFarmer2 03-12-2005 08:35 AM

I just do not understand the mentality of those that create harmful viruses. One of my classmates in college just hated Microsoft. I told him that if he hated Microsoft so bad go out and create a better operating system and run old Bill Gates competition. If some of these obviously-talented virus creators would use their talents constructively instead of destructively, we would all benefit. Well, enough of my ramblings.

I use Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal, it is the anti-spyware program that Jon liked to, Try it, it is free for personal computer users.

Another free anti-spyware program that I use is Spybot Search and Destroy. it is good to use more than one anti-spyware program because sometimes I notice one will catch what the other has missed.

I am also behind Ontrack's Net Defense firewall.
I have been using Avast Antivirus for about a year now, it is an antivirus program that is also free for personal users. It updates frequently, updates are important to deal with constantly changing virus threats.

I have never seen a pop-up on this site. :thumbup:

segge 03-12-2005 11:56 AM

I use spy ware doctor, they have a free version and a version you can buy, the free version still does a good job and a hardly ever get any pop-ups.
spyware dr.

bracketeer 03-12-2005 02:56 PM

I got a load of spyware from Kazaa. I purchased Kazaa lite and no longer have the problem. Kazaa recommended using Adaware to rid the spyware before installing Kazaa lite. I have been spyware free ever since.

CET 03-12-2005 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by CrashFarmer2
I just do not understand the mentality of those that create harmful viruses. [

I have never seen a pop-up on this site. :thumbup:

I still believe that anti virus companies have people creating new virus' just so they can sell more software.

CrashFarmer2 03-13-2005 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by CET
I still believe that anti virus companies have people creating new virus' just so they can sell more software.

That might explain it.

Ghetto Jet 03-13-2005 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by Jon
If you see porn on this board, then you're probably infected.

Oh man I hope my computer gets infected! Can I download this new virus anywhere?

rlackey 03-13-2005 11:56 AM

Man, oh man, you guys all need to do yourselves a favor and buy a Mac, especially now you can get a Mac Mini for $399 and use your existing monitor, mouse and keyboard. I've never heard of a single Mac virus, and where MS Windows XP comes with all ports open, and lots of back doors, MacOS X is bulletproof. I would like to think Jon could back me up on this although a lot of people have differing opinions on this matter.

I use both, and much prefer the Mac hardware and OS, but I can also testify to how good adaware is ( if you are running a Windows platform. I have had a Dell Inspiron 8600 notebook that has been running a single install of Windows XP Pro for over a year now, it never slows down, and I never get annoying popups.

Heres some tips:

1. Keep the registry clean (use a program like regcleaner which is freeware, just do a google search for it).

2. Install a spyware remover like adaware and scan your system regularly (I have to remove up to 15 malicious spyware programs each day that automatically install themselves just by being online).

3. Install some decent antivirus software.

4. Make sure you maintain a good amount of working free space on your hard drives (10% is a good idea, so this would mean keeping 10GB free on a 100GB drive), Windows (or any OS for that matter) needs this breathing space.

5. Defragment your hard drives regularly (for WinXP go to your start menu, click all programs, go to accessories, then system tools, then click disk defragmenter).

If you do these things, you will have a happy, fast computer that should keep going indefinitely without problems, or buy a Mac, don't worry about any of the above and then laugh at your friends when thier PC's grind to a halt every other week.

Hope this helps!

Rich Lackey

crazy larry 03-13-2005 01:10 PM

my puter is virus proof. :rolleyes:

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