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Originally Posted by Dizturbed One
Recently rebuilt by a local shop with a transtec rebuild kit, transgo shift kit, borg warner clutches and band, and a new converter (low stall/gas mileage tow converter). I flushed the cooler, and drove myself crazy making sure my converter was seated properly to the pump shaft.

Also, an NP205 was swapped in from the original 203 (went smoothly there).

Only happens when in gear and under load. If the t-case is in neutral, there is no noise, even when in foward or reverse gears. In Park or Neutral on the transmission (while in 2wd or 4wd) there is no noise. As soon as I put it under load (t-case engaged in any configuration, transmission in any gear) I get the noise. It sounds scarily like a bad converter install to me, BUT I know that not to be the case.

I quadruple checked on install, (double clunk to seat it, good spacing to the flexplate, freespinning TC both ways after bell was bolted up) and then pulled the flexplate bolts and shimmed it between plate and converter with 1/8" washers thinking maybe it was pulling on the flexplate too hard and causing runout. No luck. Converter still spun great with little to no effort when I took the bolts out to do this.

Feels a little soft for a shift kit and fresh rebuild also. Drove it about 2 1/2 miles trying to figure if it was just me or not, and decided to park it and not drive it anymore until I figure something out.

Any suggestions?

Been a long time, wheres the Doc at?

the problem is the shift fork/s in the transfer case. they get worn and when they do, range engagement will lock but, the fork still moves from the wear and will make the noise as your describing.
i know it seems like a lot of work, ut id suggest that you put the 203 back inand see if the noise is still there.

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